New deck: Jango/Aurra/Starting point.

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Some of the standard events that many include in this deck may not be in this build but we will see how it works. There is only so much room and I find better success when I have a focused theme.

Basically put weapons on Aurra and try and get as many upgrades as possible out to prepare for the Armed to the Teeth / Fight Dirty combo. The deck has as much speed as I could fit in.

2 support strategies are to remove and re-roll opponents dice and to force them to discard so they cannot choose to re-roll to their benefit.

Other cards I wish I could fit in are: Doubt, Friends in Low Places, Cunning and Infamous. But this seems the most focused version for our central strategies.

Cards I really don't like but feel I need? On The Hunt and [Personal Shield].

Please give me some feedback......

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