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Mystic 1

Top 4 local tournament decklist, any suggestions?


pez478 1

I'm a total novice, so take these thoughts with a grain of salt. I just built my first deck maybe a week ago and used this character combo. I've only played a few games with it, but here are some suggestions for you:

+2 Force Speed (if you have them)

-2 Fast Hands

+2 Holdout Blaster

-1 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

-1 Destiny

My goal has been to have a 2-cost ambush upgrade in my starting hand, plus Force Speed if I'm lucky. If I can pull that off, the first TURN goes like this:

  1. Force Speed to Rey (get an extra action from Rey's ability)
  2. Play 2-cost ambush upgrade (Holdout Blaster or Vibroknife) to Rey (get an extra action from Rey's ability and another extra action from ambush)
  3. Roll in Rey
  4. Roll in Maz
  5. Per Maz's ability, resolve two dice, including Force Speed's special if I'm lucky
  6. Two extra actions from Force Speed

Our events are quite different, and I also have 4 supports which I'm reconsidering. I do plan to keep at least one Double-Dealing to generate resources in combination with Force Speed. I'm considering putting an Infamous or two into my deck to keep speed, and a Second Chance to keep Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen up and running due to her ability.

If you like shields (I'm inferring that based on 2x Jedi Robes and Caution), maybe consider a Riposte to translate shields into damage.

Battlefield - I like to take the opponent's field to get the shields. But if you have Force Speed, you can consider Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine because you can remove Force Speed to get 1 resource when claiming, then you can play the Force Speed back on Rey - Force Prodigy to start the next round. Right now, I have Cargo Hold - Eravana as my battlefield so I can better utilize Padawan's ability to the advantage of all characters.

Like I said, I'm a total and complete newbie so I'm curious to see if you find any of these thoughts compelling.

Mystic 1

thanks for comment, I tried to run force speeds, but it's to much of actions really and to claim early in this unkar meta is not good idea, cargo hold I don't wanna use because it's mostly used against me in mid game and early game, shields I use like protection if possible and if I could I would add one more luke saber, like I said in unkar meta better to use more higher cost upgrades.

pez478 1

Interesting - I've only played against my husband and 1 friend and neither runs an Unkar deck so I've never seen it. But both of them used Vibroknife heavily which renders shields useless for blocking melee damage. For that reason, I like Riposte so shields become multipurpose - prevent range damage and melee damage when Vibro's die is gone, and also allows you to deal damage.

Mystic 1

with rey fast hands are better than force speed if you run yellow too