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JoePa 49


Hey everyone. I’ve been playing Qui/Rey since I started playing Destiny towards the end of Awakenings. I am absolutely in love with this deck and believe in the right hands it can be tier 1. I have piloted this deck to multiple 1st place finishes in local tournaments at various game stores ranging anywhere from 8-24 players.

I initially wrote out an extremely long description explaining every card choice but because of a misclick I lost it all. Instead of doing that all over I will simply give a short description and guide for the deck. If you have any other questions about certain cards feel free to ask and I will explain my reasoning on leaving it out or why I have it in. Most of the deck is self-explanatory but there may be a few cards that you may not agree with.


Qui/Rey is a multidimensional deck. It has the ability to grind out games and play a very slow and precise game or it can straight up demolish your opponent in the first few rounds. Knowing when to flip the switch from control to aggro is huge.

I’ll start out with what I like to see in my opening hand.

Force Speed, Jedi Robes, Vibroknife, Caution, and one of Guard/Deflect/It Binds All Things/Your Eyes Can Deceive You. The play here is to take their battlefield provided it won’t hurt you and split shields on Rey and Qui-Gon. Play Force Speed. Play Jedi Robes. Overwrite for Vibroknife. Roll out Rey with these upgrades. Rey will now have 3 shields and you can use Caution to deal a damage and fill out Qui-Gon’s shields. Mulligan aggressively for Vibroknife and/or Force Speed.

Some key tips and tricks:

  • The battlefield. Take your battlefield if they rely heavily on ranged damage or you need to deny them taking their battlefield. Take their battlefield if you can use it just as much as them or won’t hurt you too bad. Shields are important.

  • Of course we are looking for crazy melee rolls but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Take your time with this deck. Build up your upgrades and don’t throw away a good event because you didn’t get all the melee damage you wanted. Nearly everything on our dice is fine. Don’t be afraid to grab some resources early and load up or fill out shields on Rey and Qui-Gon.

  • Riposte. Great card but don’t get hasty. Shields are effectively health. You should read Riposte as Take X damage to deal X damage. Leave your shields up to mitigate as much damage as possible until you can finish someone off. The goal isn’t to deal damage it’s to survive. You don’t want to get smacked with a lightsaber throw or damage from hand immediately after you riposte. It just feels bad.

  • Make sure their board is controlled. Roll out Rey with that Force Throw and leave it in the pool to make your opponent question whether they want to roll, reroll, or use mitigation on it. Activate Qui-Gon after your opponent activates to ensure you are getting maximum value out of Your Eyes Can Deceive You. Chances are if you rolled melee damage and they didn’t mitigate it then they don’t have mitigation. Deal with their board first then resolve your damage.

  • Don’t forget your extra actions on Rey. Vibroknife has ambush!

  • Surviving is the most important thing. This deck can chip away at the opponent with minor damage through melee and shields. Eventually you will god roll and you can finish off an opponent then. Don’t get greedy.

If there is only one thing to take away it’s that shields are incredibly important. Use them to block as much damage as you can. Don’t just throw them away. If someone has a bunch of damage showing and you have no way to mitigate please just resolve your shields to block as much damage as possible.

If you got this far thanks for reading my quick guide/tips for my favorite deck. If you have any questions please ask below I’d be happy to answer them.


revamp 2

I like this deck, but I find shields pretty useless given the amount of play vibroknife gets in the meta. At that point (opponent has vibroknife in play) do you just switch your shields to aggro instead of mitigation?

JoePa 49

@revamp Good question. You have to remember about damage from hand. Most unseen damage is blockable. I will almost always leave my shields up until the opponent threatens unblockable lethal on board with Vibroknife in the pool. At that point a reposte for 3 will suffice. Qui-Gon will usually have 2-3 shields 90% of the time because most of the time Rey is the focus. So his shields are almost always on aggro duty. I will still hold riposte on him as well though.

Cameron 1

Wow, this deck is amazing!