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Rune42 143

Just returned from a 36 person store championship in Dallas, TX. This is my take on the Kylo/Vader deck. I've been playing this deck pretty much exclusively for the past few weeks and I piloted this deck to a 6-1 record. Wins today were against these decks.

2 Poe/Maz 1 Palp 1 Luke/Snap 1 Kylo/baby Vader and an interesting 2 Guavian Enforcer, 2 stormtrooper build

My lone loss was against Luke/Rey

What I love about this deck is its versatility. I almost never put costed upgrades on a character until I have 4+ resources and a character dies. The only cards I didn't play at all today were Makashi Training, Enrage and Force Throw. I like Makashi Training against the mirror and against Luke decks. I just didn't draw it in those games. I don't really have a good replacement for either enrage & force throw. They are situational, at best. right now and are my last 2 in.


Rune42 143

Just won a second store championship with the deck. Went undefeated on the day. Beat the following decks: Iggy/FN, Palp, Poe/Maz and Vader/Raider.

Only change from the previous version was to drop the enrage and add one high ground. Still have yet to play Force Throw in either store championship. It is now the last card in.

mrslythe 2

Weren't you playing Dark Presence?

Rune42 143

Nope. Not enough discard sides on starting dice and I've never found Dark Presence reliable enough to run. Someone played it against me one game, maybe that's where you saw it.

Ardray 346

Interesting that your build doesn't include Lightsaber. I find the redeploy, as well as the special to be fairly useful. Any insight on why you choose not to run it?

Rune42 143

@Ardray To run Lightsaber, I think you have to run Enrage as well. I found that version of the deck was just too slow for me. I want to be able to claim most rounds against both Palp and Poe/Maz. Or force them to claim earlier than they optimally would like.

I also really find it important to horde resources with this deck. Optimally I want three resources at the start of every turn so that I can pay for no mercy as well as be able to pay for the 2/1 3/1 melee dice on Kylo and Vader.

Lastly, I just don't like the sides on Lightsaber for this deck. The base damage side costs a buck. The plus side is unreliable when you would rather have specials or meditate into specials. The special on the light saber is really the only side I want to see with how I play. That's just not worth three to me.

.holy 7

I always loose against a good poe/maz player with the emo boys...I got 2nd place in the last 3 store championships i went to but fast hands on Poe and Cunning on Maz gets them 2-3 specials per turn if the throneroom battlefield is played. Together with planetary uprising always brings me down before i can kill the second character.

Przemcio351 7

Nice deck

D4rthCaedus 39

Hey @Rune42, why Meditate over Datapad? Isn't Datapad a bit faster, assuming you get the special? Are you too strapped for upgrade spots?