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the BEAST 857

This is my updated version of the SoR Jango/Veers deck. I've been working on it with Foz and this is what I've came up with.


My deck:

-1 Electroshock -1 Jetpack -1 On The Hunt

His deck:

+2 One-Quarter Portion +1 Swiftness


In your opening hand, you generally want one or two good upgrades, preferably one that costs 1, as well as some 0 events.

-Wait until your opponent activates a character so you can benefit from Jango's ability

-If your opponent doesn't activate a character: activate Veers, play a 0 cost event, play Salvage Stand

-You generally want to use your first action each round to stack an upgrade on Jango


Of course, the deck has many upgrades. I mainly selected guns to pump damage but I'll explain them all:

F-11D Rifle - one of the best weapon in the game. Why? Because of it's 4 damage sides.

Holdout Blaster - every range deck must contain this upgrade. Redeploy and Ambush...who doesn't like it?

DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol - this card is here because all of it's damage sides are free. Also this removal can prevent you a good 3-4 damage, so it's worth having.

Jetpack - It's down to one because of only having 2 damage sides. It's special is still useful against hard hitting melee decks, but is worth nothing in other games.

DH-17 Blaster Pistol - It's still your best 1 cost upgrade with 3 damage sides.

On The Hunt - The special on this card is just amazing against decks like Poe/Maz with Dug in and Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master/Rey - Force Prodigy decks. It's also really good if you can afford to pay one and remove a die.

I'm also trying the deck with 1 Imperial Discipline which can turn one of General Veers - Field Commander dice to a 2 no matter what it rolls.


Salvage Stand works beautifully in this deck as Jango has 2 resources sides and Veers has one. It's very useful to remove resources when you roll out Jango as it may prevent them from playing a removal.

Now, most of the events are self-explanatory but I'll go through some of them:

Obviously, there is plenty of removals such as Electroshock, He Doesn't Like You, The Best Defense..., and Doubt.

Bait and Switch - this card is useful as you can get 2 off a resource and resolve it immediately.

Friends in Low Places is used to find events such as removals, It's a Trap!, Hit and Run, and other things like that. It's more useful than Probe as you can see the entire hand.

We Have Them Now is a super powerful card as the only counters are Dodge and Scramble which aren't in the meta right now. If you don't want your opponent to remove any dice, combine it with Tactical Mastery.

Battlefield - Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin comes in handy against decks that rely on a couple of dice for example: Poe, Luke, Palpatine, and many more. This deck is pretty fast and will still manage to claim against Poe/Maz.


I have done some testing with this deck and it was really successful. Here are my ratios against two popular decks:

-I won more than 60% of the games against Poe/Maz (I've played over 15)

-The deck is 2-0 against Qui-Gon/Rey

The deck is also good because you don't need any legendary, and the most expensive card costs 2.

Please leave a like if you enjoy and feel free to leave feedback in the comments.


geonorton84 1

@theBEAST I'm extremely new to this game (a week), but very experienced in other ccg/lcg formats. I was wondering the reason for eVeers since his ability works with supports. Unless I'm misunderstanding the rule and his ability works for the weapons as well.

the BEAST 857

@geonorton84 You're right, it's only with supports. The reason why I don't use any is because this deck is based on speed so it would be too slow to have a support. The reason for eVeers is the die. This aggro deck is based on doing a lot of range damage (at least 5) every turn. Veers' die has 3 ranged damage sides and two are base damage. His die has more damage than Jango's, so I think it's the best option available currently for a fast aggro deck (he also cost 14 which is perfect). But who knows, we might see a better option in the Empire at War set coming out soon. Hopefully this helped you understand why I use Veers, and if you have any other questions, I'll reply as soon as I can.

geonorton84 1

@the BEAST, thank you for the reply. You helped me understand very well, again thanks. Looking forward to trying this out.

billeddy 20

@geonorton84 [I am new 10-days] What about Fast Hands and FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper? Is he viable to replace Veers and get some extra dmg? My first deck is Jango-Veers, but I am leaning toward fast hands orientation(s). Any advice? (Ps - loving the deck - I will be changing mine based on your strategies and advice). Thank you.

the BEAST 857

@billeddy, btw, I created this deck lol. Anyway, as I said to @geonorton84, the goal of this deck is to claim fast. FN's ability is obviously better but he also has to cover other criteria, these being: is it fast enough and is it expensive? As for FN, he has 2 sides when this deck is focused on range damage. If you have two types of damage, it takes an additional action which makes the deck lose some speed. Also, Veers has 2 sides showing 2 damage when FN has only one. Lastly, the 2 from FN cost a which I can rarely afford. As for fast hands, obviously it's a good card (should get errata), but not a good fit for this deck in my opinion. First, Jango will activate at the same time as an opponent's character which means you can immediately resolve good dice. It could be good on Veers but you also want to keep your un modified sides for + sides. So if you don't resolve range damages with fast hands (because you don't want to resolve it without the modified sides) there is only and on Jango and and on Veers which I will probably reroll to get more damage. I might keep if I need it but it kinda wastes a turn (in term of speed). So that's why I don't use FN nor fast hands. Feel free to try them for yourself, but in my opinion, you will not find fast hands to be better than any of these cards. Thanks for commenting, and feel free to ask me more questions if you need help with the deck.

billeddy 20

one more (slightly off topic). If I equip (with ambush) FN and fail to resolve (let's assume it is blank). That die is the only die in my pool and FN was not activated. If I now play He Doesn't Like You to remove that die from my pool... can I use that die with FN when he rolls out? (I am told that resolved dice do get to be used again, but what about a die that gets used via a card in my hand or an opponent's hand?) Thanks for that great feedback - I see now how veers makes a better choice in the above deck. I get it.

the BEAST 857

@billeddy, yes you would get to roll this die as well. When a character activates, you roll all dices.