Vader Raider Store Champ 20+ 6/24

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ryanj2582 20

Saturday I played in my first store champ for the year and finished 1st out of 20+ players. I was debating on what to play for a couple of weeks and decided I would play Poe/Maz as I wasn't sure of the meta exactly and do not have to put much thought into it. The night before a friend texted me asking what I was playing and decided that Poe/Maz was not the best fit and I should play his list for Vader/Raider. I agreed knowing that since this is the first champ I have plenty more to play in I would give this a go and see how it did so he could tweak it if he liked.

I went 3-1 in swiss and made 4th in the cut, winning it out in the cut rounds.

Round 1 vs Mon Mothma, Hired gun x2 This game I started out fast with good rolls but no fast hands or force speeds. Mon Mothma died with in two hits up vader and added a holocron to the Raider. He rolled and didnt focus much on damage but was making resources left and right, which let to his quadjumper into u wing. He played maz goggles on a hired gun, which i focused down very quickly, he also added another quad jumper into a black one. At this point i have a vader with 2 dmg on him and a raider with 2 damage and all he has left is hired gun. I was feeling somewhat confident at this point which became quickly crushed as he rolls 3dmg with the hired gun black one and u wing to vader putting him at 11 dmg. He then adds second chance to hired gun. Now the worry sets in, next turn he defeats vader after i pop the second chance, sadly raider does not get the rolls and is defeated shortly after by the army of supports.


Now i was wishing i had deflects over the trust your instincts since i hardly ever had to reroll.

Round 2 vs Vader/ Raider This game went very quickly, he was playing a little bit slower version of it without holocrons. Damage was flying and I think the game only last maybe 10 min or less. I got out fast hands on vader and holocron on raider. I had the force strikes and bait and switches early enough to out damage vader. Vibroknife the following turn and never looked back as the only upgrade i saw was a lightsaber on his side.


Round 3 vs Emo Kids Kylo/Vader This was by far the closest game of the day. I go straight for vader knowing the amount of dmg he can output, also knowing that most of my cards are low cost and kylo dmg would be minimal. He has emporers throne room so I took my battlefield which was great all day btw. We trade damage on vaders while he loads up kylo and I load up the raider with holocron and force throw. After the dust settles he has kylo with 9 damage on him and I have raider with 6 damage, he rolls and gets two specials, I look at my had with mind probe and doubt and another holocron. I had already rolled the raider and had only one dmg showing and a disrupt on the force throw and a blank on the holocron, I pitch the probe to reroll the holocron and force throw. Hoping to get that one extra damage, the rolls land in my favor and he resolves the specials and hits the zeros and I barely pull out the win. 2-1

Round 4 vs Unkar/FN/Trooper Once I sat down and saw what I was playing against I felt some dread as I know of how much damage fn puts out. We start and I see no upgrades for the first couple of turns. I am able to do 6 damage from vader off the bat to fn and plays the best defense next turn on both dies putting damage on the trooper. He ends up playing vibroknife on fn and then plays a thermal detonator on him as well which was a small surprise. He drops imperial inspection which forces me to hard play two force throws one on vader and one on raider, I make short work of the remaining two characters after that.

3-1 I was skeptical on making top 4 with my strength of schedule as it seems my opponents were kind in the middle and lower end. When the standings were posted, I was surprisingly number 4. Top 4 vs Poe/Maz Since the top 4 decks were 2 Poe/Maz and 2 Vader/Raider, I glad to see the familiar Poe/Maz. He is a very good player and I knew I had to be on my toes on this as the game was going to be fast paced. The thing I was happy about is that we didn’t really have to talk game talk as we both knew what was happening so the game went super quick. I get fast hands and force speed and get 2 damage on poe which he then dugs in so I switch the target to maz and take her out fairly quickly, I manage to mitigate a poe die every turn as I would roll Vader and if I got damage on would quickly claim to take a poe die out of the equation, sometimes not rolling raider. But enough quick and consistent damage from vader with the help of bait and switch and force strikes I take down Poe and move on the the finals.

Finals vs Poe/Maz Knowing that I was facing Poe/Maz again in the final after beating Poe/Maz was kind of a relief, and hoping that it went the same way as the last game. I get double fast hands and get 6 damage on maz off the bat. She goes down a turn later, he gets a couple of specials and from rocket launcher and u wing. I then am able to get double vibro knife down on raider. I then roll out the 3 melee side with tusken and two +2 modifiers on the knives, which forces him to claim the battlefield to remove the tusken die, then I was able to reroll the lonely vader die at will resulting in 6 damage going on poe, the following turn I get a 3 melee side from vader and the other dies is promptly removed then I get another melee from a knife and drop backup muscle which gives me the win and a store championship. The tournament was quick and painless, everyone had great attitudes and a lot of fun. Thanks again!


ordinaryjedi 816

Thanks for your write up. Very few Vader Raider decks utilise Rise Again. Did you get a chance to use it?

ryanj2582 20

@ordinaryjedi I got to use it once but the game was pretty much over at that point, we did change the list and added two deflects over the rise again and added lightsaber throw over the trust your instincts. It perfomed better than this list.