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This is the deck I used today in the 4th Hong Kong SWD Open Tournament. There are altogether 15 people joining the tournament. And I got 2 win 2 lose in the swiss rounds. I start building this deck after reading the deck list suggested by Kr0ozin (The Death Mill). His build is already good enough and I only made a few minor changes to work against the local meta.

I added the following cards in my build:
+2 Fast Hands
+2 Confiscation
+2 The Best Defense ...
+1 One-Quarter Portion

-2 Cannon Fodder
-2 Electroshock
-1 Endless Ranks
-1 Lying in Wait
-1 New Orders

I need Fast Hands for controlling opponent's starting resources in each round. If I go first, I can always roll Unkar first and hope for a disrupt. With Fast Hands, I can get rid of opponent's starting 2 resources hopefully and then return an upgrade of cost 2 or below to opponent's hand if I got Imperial Inspection out already. The key of this deck is try to keep Unkar alive for 2 rounds or even longer. With limited resources, you are also limiting opponent's damage output. This is true in most cases except playing against decks with strong Character dice (Palpatine, Poe, etc.).

Confiscation is the last minute change for this tournament. I switched 2 Electroshock for 2 Confiscation because I want to be able to work around opponent's upgrade dice with value 3 or greater. With Unkar's ability, your resource should be enough to return a Baton or Force Throw to opponent's hand.

One-Quarter Portion can remove character dice like Vader, Palpatine, Han Solo, Poe, etc. but Electroshock may fail to do so if a value 3 is rolled out. I would like to add 1 more One-Quarter Portion in the future, maybe replace with 1 Suppression.

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