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Setzuen 449

Hi guys, it's Setzuen! I'm a tournament veteran, so I thought I'd share my deck with you. At the time of writing this, I've only lost 1 out of 40+ games. I've won countless local tournaments and I'm currently undefeated amongst my circle of friends. I know that my winning streak will eventually come to an end, so any input is more than welcome. I'll also answer any questions, and help any of you as much as I can. =)

The reason I'm running eRey with eQui isn't just because Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master has great sides, but it's because of his synergy with Synchronicity, Riposte, and Caution; which all speak for themselves in value. Also, by doubling down on eQui, I start with 4 dice in my opening pool, so I have a high chance of deciding the battlefield.

I went for Secluded Beach - Scarif, because it literally has no negative effect on my deck whatsoever, but if my opponent runs a ranged deck, it can be very oppressive. I'm aware that I won't always run against against ranged decks, but I'd rather use a battlefield that my opponent will never get any value out of, than a battlefield that we both get value out of. The latter is just too RNG. =P

My choice of upgrades are pretty standard. I favoured upgrades that were no only cost-efficient, but that also supported Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master's ability. Force Training, Force Speed, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber and Lightsaber can all generate shields, and aside from Force Training, they all have shield dice, which also adds consistency to Synchronicity's activation requirements. Makashi Training is included because of its low cost and crazy damage potential, and the added bonus of damage mitigation. Finally, Vibroknife is included for action abuse with Rey - Force Prodigy, as well as making all melee dice unblockable.

My events are as low-cost as possible, so that my resources can fund my upgrades. Guard is absolutely bonkers, as it can remove up to 3 opposing dice in exchange for 1 of yours at no resource cost. Overconfidence is game-changing, but it needs to be used on two opposing god dice. At the very least you'll ditch one of them, but if you're lucky, the one that they keep will be rolled into something worthless as well. Force Misdirection crushes mirror matches against other melee-heavy decks, wiping out all of their damage for a single resource. Deflect has great value vs ranged, removing a dice and turning it into damage. I'm trying out Trust Your Instincts, because it costs 0 to re-roll, but I also get a draw out of it. :)


zmanfarlee 19

Against Poe/Maz and 9's decks? How's it do. Would think Poe maz is tough

Bastuful 9

Why are you playing Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber over Handcrafted Light Bow?

Wouldn't Rey's Staff as a 2 cost equipment do more for this deck than Force Training?

badeesh 56

Agree with Bastuful's comments. I would seriously consider dropping to a 1x for Luke's saber too. The unique problem is real.

Setzuen 449

Handcrafted Light Bow isn't as consistently strong as Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber. Damage-wise, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber has two 3's and a 2 (special), and Handcrafted Light Bow has two 2's and a 3 (special). Also, one of the damage sides is a ranged damage side, which would mean that I'd have to take a separate action to resolve it. Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber also has a stronger shield side. The only thing about Handcrafted Light Bow that is even on par with Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is the special that deletes shields, which is something I won't ever use, because I can ignore shields entirely with Vibroknife. There's more of an argument for removing Lightsaber over Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber, but Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is better than Handcrafted Light Bow in almost every possible way.

As for Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber being unique; yes, that does suck, but on the off-chance I draw 2, I'll just use the second one as discard fodder for a re-roll.

Setzuen 449

As for Rey's Staff, I see it as a much weaker Vibroknife. Its sides are low and its special isn't particularly great. I much prefer Force Training's special. With Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master's effect, that turn shields into damage, I can resolve it to deal 2 damage. It's versatile though, and I can also use it to generate resources. The +2 melee and 1 focus are also nice. It's also not unique, which I mentioned in my last post as not being a big deal because I can just discard the extra, but it's just one less thing to worry about.

Setzuen 449

To be honest though, Force Training is probably my most expendable upgrade in the deck. It's not that I love it, it's just that there aren't many replacements that add the same level of versatility. One With The Force is a powerhouse when its out, but it's a slow and heavy resource investment to get it on the board. I'd also like to keep all the damage in the deck melee if possible. The main reason is so I can resolve all damage at once, speeding the deck up by an action, but melee damage also becomes unblockable with Vibroknife, can be spent on Makashi Training and Guard and makes me immune to my own battlefield Secluded Beach - Scarif. If I was going to delve into ranged damage, I'd sooner rock Holdout Blaster for the same Rey-based action-abuse that Vibroknife brings. =)

nickthebug7777 1211

I had an identical comment to @Bastuful. I think that hand crafted light bow is actually superior to luke's saber in (almost) every way. Sure it has slightly smaller damage sides but none are modified that require other dice and none are pay sides. It means that if you action cheat out with Rey or something you can immediately resolve regardless. In addition, the special can do up to 5 damage and can be very useful if your vibros are stuck at the bottom of your deck. Only down side is the mixed damage.

I also am not a huge fan of Force Training and would replace it with Rey's staff. You mentioned wanting to keep the damage all melee but Force training has the same issue as light bow with the mixed damage and also has a modified melee damage that can't be resolved on its own. If you wan't to keep the consistancy from the focus, I have included jedi robes in my deck which help with that and give two shields turn 1.

Jorgyn Ryys 101

Also My Ally Is The Force is no joke. Especially now with how focus works.

Setzuen 449

Handcrafted Light Bow's special side is good, and it would be the only thing that makes me consider it, because like you said, my Vibroknife's could be stuck at the bottom of my deck when I'm against a shield-heavy opponent. However, these are very specific circumstances. There's only 1 special side, so even on the off-chance I find myself in this specific scenario, I only have a 1/6 chance of even rolling the special at all. Outside of the special, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is just flat-out better. Both damage sides are 1 stronger, they're both melee and the shield side is stronger too. The modified +3 on Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber would be better if it was base, but it's in a deck with so much melee to resolve it that it's almost a non-factor.

Rey's Staff for Force Training is something I'm considering. I like the number of base melee sides on Rey's Staff, because it's consistent. I know that Force Training has a ranged side, but I'll almost always re-roll that into something else. I consider Force Training to have a far superior special to Rey's Staff, but their specials are only a 1/6, so it's worth comparing their other sides. They both have 1 resource, which cancel each other out, +2 melee on Force Training is about as good as the 3/1 melee on Rey's Staff, as a melee modifier in this melee-only deck will always trigger. I consider Force Training's 1 focus to be superior to Rey's Staff's 1 melee, but the other 1 melee on Rey's Staff is superior to Force Training's 1 ranged. With that said, Rey's Staff is also unique, whereas Force Training isn't. It's close. They're both good choices. I'm going to swap and change between them over my next few games, and see which I prefer. =)

Setzuen 449

@Jorgyn Ryys I love the effect of My Ally Is The Force, but it's just too pricey for what it does. If it cost 1 resource, I'd slip 2 copies in a heartbeat. It's just that I don't really have any sides on any of my dice that are worth 2 resources. This card would be easier to justify if I ran a heavy hitting vehicle that swung for 6, allowing me to get a bargain for the 2 resources, but the most I can do is maybe double up on Force Speed's special to give me 4 actions, but after I've paid 2 resources, I probably can't afford any follow-up. =(

huttdaddy 1

Love the deck idea. I'm thinking of swapping to it from eLuke/Rey. What are your thoughts on Force Illusion?

Setzuen 449

@huttdaddy Thank you so much! =)

I originally ran 2 Padawan's instead of Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master, because their sides are amazing, they have a higher total health pool than a single elite character and their passives allowed me to dump very powerful weapons on to the field from round 1. If it weren't for the power of Synchronicity, Riposte and Caution swaying me towards Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master, I'd likely still run 2 Padawan. =)

I actually really like Force Illusion. It only costs 1 and it can block a whole heap of damage. It's particularly strong in decks where you want to protect a single, more powerful character, like Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight in your case. ^-^

OathSworn 81

@SetzuenI respect everything about what's going on here. I'm just coming back to Destiny myself and have been looking to update my Qui-Gon/Rey.

Just built it and I'm gonna run it this week locally here. Thanks for this. It's a goodie.

Setzuen 449

`@OathSworn I'm glad you've decided to come back to Destiny, and best of luck in your tournament. =)

I've made a small adjustment to the deck that's not showing in this version. I've swapped out Trust Your Instincts for Journals of Ben Kenobi. I've recently realised how insane this card is in a Rey deck. Over the course of a game, it'll generate 5+ resources. If I play this on Rey, it doesn't even use an action. What's more is that I can replace it with a stronger upgrade when I hit my 3 upgrade cap. and it'll decrease the cost of my stronger upgrade by 1; which essentially makes Journals of Ben Kenobi COST NOTHING. Long-term resource generation for 0 net cost and 0 additional actions? Yes please! =D

I'm also strongly considering dropping Force Training for Rey's Staff, as recommended by some folks here. I still think Force Training is the stronger card, but the 3 base melee sides of Rey's Staff makes resolving my heap of melee modifiers a lot more reliable. =)

Tyious 1

OathSworn 81

@Setzuen I can see where you're going with journals, but to me it is a slightly better data pad at best.

I also after thinking about it for about 10 mins decided Rey's Staff vs Force Training.

I like getting rid of Trust Your Instincts. Just seems kind of slow to me.

I also only own one Luke's Lightsaber. I agree with you that X2 Light Saber is stronger over all. For now, I am playing 1 and 1 Handcrafted Light Bow. We'll see how it does.

Setzuen 449

@Tyious I was thinking about putting it in for a LONG time, but in the end, I considered it a little too slow and unreliable. Aside from Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master himself, I don't have many shield dice in the deck. Even if I do roll a shield, Your Eyes Can Deceive You only turns an opponent's dice to a blank - it doesn't remove it, which means that my opponent can just include it in a discard a card re-roll. If it removed the dice, or allowed me to manipulate my own dice, I'd be running it, but as it stands, Your Eyes Can Deceive You seems more like a minor inconvenience than a staple.

Setzuen 449

@OathSworn I also swapped out Force Training for Rey's Staff. I needed the consistent base melee sides. My only sway was Force Training's special, but I can't hang my justification on a 1/6 chance I roll special. =)

It's not about Journals of Ben Kenobi being good, it's about its synergy with Rey - Force Prodigy. It can never be "slow", because it doesn't cost an action to play it on Rey - Force Prodigy. You can play it on her and continue with your turn as normal. It also costs 1 resource, and lowers the cost of an upgrade that overrides it by 1, meaning that it's effectively costless.

I'll give you an example: Let's say you play Journals on Rey, get Rey's bonus action, then activate Rey w/Journals, if you rolled a resource on Journals you can resolve it and get back the energy you spent on it within the same turn. At this point, Journals has already paid for itself. Let's say you have Journals out for 4 turns and decide to replace it with Lightsaber. By now, Journals has generated 4 resources, and it only cost 1 resource to play it. You currently have a profit of 3 resources. But wait; when you replace Journals with Lightsaber, you only have to pay 2 resources, because Journals costs 1, so it gives you a 1 resource discount. That means that Journals has given you a profit of 4 resources and it didn't even use an action to put it into play. I don't see any reason why every Rey deck doesn't run this! =)

revhellion 1

@Setzuen, what's your success against Nines/Unkar? I've been playing around with Luke/Rey and Qui/Rey a bit and find Luke/Rey to fall apart against Nines/Unkar, but haven't tried with Qui/Rey. What's your strategy against it?

Also, I agree about the Rey's Staff over Force Training, I tried Training and it just doesn't click as often as the Staff, not a bad upgrade though. Plus don't underestimate its special.

Setzuen 449

@revhellion I've only played against it twice, but I won both times. The deck seems very resource expensive, and dependent on Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer to fund it. I didn't realise this in my first game, so I focused the FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper. I still won, but I realised that the deck hinges on Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer, so I focused him in the second game, and I stomped. The deck seems a lot slower than mine, which allowed me to claim the battlefield almost every round, which was also removing their ranged dice. There was very little in the deck to mitigate me, and I simply snowballed while controlling the damage coming my way with Guard, Deflect, Overconfidence and Secluded Beach - Scarif, =)

OathSworn 81

@Setzuen I think you made a mistake. When you would play JBK on Rey you now have 1 action remaining. This action would be consumed by activating Rey to roll out her dice + JBK. Now you are at 0 remaining actions. How would you then ALSO be resolving JBK for resource in the same turn?

Did you mean to say round?

tabwgt 1

Worthless on TTS

Bastuful 9

@tabwgt What were your matchups?

Setzuen 449

@OathSworn Yes, I think I typo'd in my last message. What I meant to say is that you can earn back the energy you spent on Journals of Ben Kenobi within the same "round", not the same "turn". xD

My point was that by activating Journals of Ben Kenobi you get another action afterwards due to Rey - Force Prodigy's effect. Basically, you're using an action to play Journals, but you're getting an action back, so in essence, it's like you're not spending an action at all. =)

Setzuen 449

@tabwgt I don't play TTS, but assuming the cards and the mechanics work the same; if you're losing, then you're probably doing something wrong. I've only ever dropped a single game out of 50+, and that was against a mill deck.

nickthebug7777 1211

I agree with you on removing trust your instincts. I find it to be underwhelming at best. I would, however, switch it for force illusion. Force illusion works wonders against palp and poe/maz. In addition, yes journals can give you a resource but there are also 3 blank sides so you won't hit it often. And the action on the card takes up time when you could be rushing to claim.

To answer the questions about my ally is the force; I can't speak for the OP but in my testing it was underwhelming in this deck. For an extra three damage or even more than that it is fantastic but it's not worth the resources to use on any of the dice in this deck.

jbship628 1

I literally just finished deck building a similar build after just picking up a starter today. (I basically started with "Who can Rey pair with and have both be Elite") You have obviously playtested and I have only a few games under my belt, so please don't hate on me if I ask a dumb question.

My build uses The Power of the Force since all these blue upgrades are sitting around. It can be a big time damage dealer, even though it doesn't cost 0. My other major different was using It Binds All Things as a way to make upgrades cheaper. I mean, it can pay for itself in cost on the round it is played, and any further rounds you activate it are just gravy.

Setzuen 449

@nickthebug7777 My only reason for not using Force Illusion is that it will only block 3-4 damage in the best case scenarios. It usually only blocks 1 die + 1 modifier at a time, because when an experienced player plays against Force Illusion, they know to resolve their damage in lots of small chunks, rather than a single dice with all modifiers. It also mills a round's worth of cards in an instant, which can be dangerous in a deck of only 30 cards.

Journals of Ben Kenobi does have a bunch of blank sides, so it has a 50% chance of actually landing on something, but I'll always do at least 1 re-roll on my blank or weak dice after I've rolled them all into my dice pool. Unless I'm very unlucky, mathematically I should have a very high chance of rolling into something on 2 rolls. It doesn't cost any additional actions to simply include Journals of Ben Kenobi's dice in my standard re-roll. I almost never claim to draw. The only time I'd use this effect is if my opponent has already claimed the battlefield, at which point it doesn't matter how many actions I take. =)

Setzuen 449

@jbship628 Hi, and welcome to Star Wars Destiny. I hope you're enjoying it! =)

Rey can pair with just about anyone, but I find her at her best with either Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master or 2x Padawans, in an upgrade-heavy deck that abuses her passive effect. I'm leaning towards Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master at the moment, but 2x Padawans definitely compliment her well. =)

I've only recently dropped It Binds All Things, and it's not a bad card by any means. It can make up for its own cost within the same round, but you still lose an action to play it. After a while, I realised that at best, It Binds All Things will save you 1 resource per round, so essentially any card that generates 1 resource per round is better. You see, It Binds All Things only saves you 1 resource on specifically blue upgrades, whereas a card like Datapad or Journals of Ben Kenobi generates 1 resource that can be spent on anything.

The Power of the Force is a card that's almost good. The first problem is that it "changes" the value, it doesn't "add" to it. For example, if you're using The Power of the Force to resolve a 1 melee dice when you have 3 blue upgrades in play, The Power of the Force is only adding 2 damage. Again, it only works with blue upgrades, so Vibroknife and Rey's Staff don't add damage. The main issue though, is that if you start with The Power of the Force early, you'll find yourself clutching onto it, waiting to build up a decent number of blue upgrades to make it worthwhile.This essentially makes it a dead card for most of the game. Upgrades are expensive too. Think how many resources it would cost to stack each character with 3 blue upgrades each. By the time it's worth activating The Power of the Force, you're either snowballing or being snowballed against.