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None. Self-made deck here.
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Leia/MonMothma 2 1 0 3.0

IceWarm 38


badeesh 56

This is a goodie IMO. Not sure about Maz's Castle but it's not a bad choice at all. I forget the name now but the one that lets you resolve multiple damage choice is my weapon of choice at the moment.

Zenclix 1

I like this deck also. Just curious why you did not include All In? With Mothma's focus sides it can be a very impactful card, especially after an Hit and Run.

I have also found that this deck often claims fast and frequently enough to run Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin.


IceWarm 38

I tried all In before but found I still didn't have enough removal cards so I went with Block/Dodge. I may go back and try it with All In again in the future.

OathSworn 81

I really like this deck. I've been playing Ackbar/Leia recently and this is a rather nice evolution and thoughtful use of the new cards.

Has rushing to claim paid dividends for you overall would you say?

If Leia eats a dick early, do you find the upgrade suite and Mon herself let you push damage late game against the crowd favorites?


the BEAST 660

@Zenclix, the only thing you do after Hit and Run is It's a Trap!...

badeesh 56

I like a 1x Hit and Run. TBH, I think this is about the best budget friendly deck you can put together at the moment.

Scactha 805

I´d shift A180 for Logistics to get funds for the guns faster and 10 extra dice is redundant imho. Apart from that top cool deck.

OathSworn 81

IDK about no All in. It's just so good with Mon's 2 focus.

Have you tried Frozen Wastes? If we're playing effects like Defensive Position and Dug in there is already a lot of incentive to claim. I think Planetary Uprising is a fantastic choice here.

I get that you want more removal and that's why Block and Dodge are here, but with so many 3 cost guns and no logistics it seems very clunky.

Overkill might be a better include than IQA-11 to trim the costs down.