eRey/eHan - SC Winner (w/ Mini Guide)

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Uiberon 94

This is my take on the famous Rey/Han deck, I was inspired by Zach Bunn's and Chase Keaten's deck, in a sense that it has a lot of removal and swiftness instead of infamous.

Also I didn't include One with the force, Electroshock and Force Speed cause I do not own those cards, and in my opinion Bowcaster did a fine job, and the deck doesn't really NEED Force Speed. You might switch negotiate for Electroshock but I really like Negotiate.

The match up against Palp needs a lil practice as you might have to sacrifice a few dice to claim the battlefield and reuse holdout blaster and vibroknife shenanigans. That and swiftness lets you use two removal against it. Also, mulligan for removal, negotiate is the prime target.

I didn't play against Poe/Maz with this deck but I think it's kinda the same strategy as Palps.

The damage output is high and fast enough to outrun FN/Unkar decks, and you almost always dumps your hand too fast for them to activate it's ability.

Vibroknife's are the deck's worst fear, I used one Disarm for it, but i'll probably switch to two for consistency.

In my opinion Swiftness and Bowcaster did overdeliver, the deck generates too many resources and is able to play those cards, you only have to be smart when playing against choke decks, cause you usually will miss that one resource Swiftness takes.

Dealing unmitigable damage with Han Solo is usually key, but Rey can become a lil monster when equipped with Vibroknife and Rey's Staff.


fuzzywapiti 1

do you still think fast hands is worth it in this deck with the new errata? or should it just be force speed

the BEAST 703

@fuzzywapiti It doesn't matter, you want fast hands on Han...

Uiberon 94

@fuzzywapiti as @the BEAST Said it doesn't really matter, cause Fast Hands will always be on Han first, Rey's slots will more than likely be occupied with cheating action upgrades or things that make her dice more reliable like Rey's Staff or Vibroknife.

Fast Hands does not really work that well with Rey.

I honestly think this deck does not need Force Speed, but it is a great card nevertheless and putting it in wouldn't hurt.

Also, i use 2x Fast Hands for consistency. And fast handing a 2 intercept from Han on the first action of the round is more than optimal.