Sonny and Cherbacca

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hphan848 63

Han has Leia. Anakin has Padme. Poe has Finn. Everybody's got a ride or die, and that is especially true with Chewy and Maz. This deck is built on love, some support and a few specials.

Chewy has a large reservoir for damage so the point is to move damage over to him and heal some of it off with Lone Operative or at their honeymoon suite in lovely Otoh Gunga - Naboo.

At the same time, this deck rolls a lot of specials, so generating resources should not be a problem with Double-Dealing.

I think Rey's Staff also works well with Chewy's special. Resolve his special and remove the dice afterward with the other special. It's essentially Force Throw in a yellow deck.


badeesh 56

But Finn loves Rey, and Rey doesn't know. It's all happening in Otoh Gunga, what a romantic place.

hphan848 63