The Grifters

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The Grifters: Mill Harder 30 22 20 2.0

smerle 768

This past week we in Millville mourn the loss of our dear friend, One Punch Vader. With Fast Hands now restricted to yellow only, Vader lost his punch. However, the combo with Blackmail is too good to ignore, so now we need a yellow tag team to carry the torch. And without Rise Again to give us that health boost to survive, what can we do? We add more health. Enter, The Grifters.

Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty - The Roper
Guavian Enforcer - The Face
Nightsister - The Fixer

You have 28HP. They have 30 cards. You need to win the long con. How?

  • Command Center - Lothal - claim it. Opponents see a mill deck and believe you to be slow, but your team of Grifters work fast; pulling the cards out of their deck until they realize it's empty. Might even run 2x New Orders. It's 6-8 mill damage in a game. Makes the math work in your favor. Even if it means taking damage from an early claim, if the total round damage is less than 7, you are ahead. Claim. Claim. CLAIM! STAY ON TARGET!

  • Loose Ends / No Disintegrations / Cheat - Try to hit 10 mill damage. Play a Loose Ends, a 2nd NoDis, and then Cheat back a 3rd. 10 mill + 6 from claiming after 3 rounds means they had 14 cards and hopefully they've drawn them all and you've milled them out or will right away in Round 4. Once you hit two of these, the gig is up and your opponent will furiously try to kill get. Time for the getaway.

  • Mitigate. If you can mill win in round 4, which is the goal, they need to do 7 dmg per round to win. Keep that number in your head. Track damage taken vs mill dmg dealt per round. This is how you win. If you don't get off enough LE/ND or claims and you head into Round 5, it's dicey. Then you needed to mitigate down to 5 dmg/round. These are the nail-biter matches. Real Grifters don't get caught.

Why not Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer?
He's slow. Unkar is great at making money fast and disrupting game plans, but he needs you to roll out all of your dice. And like I said, sometimes you don't want to roll. So with Unkar, you will never claim, losing out on that crucial 6+ mill. And if you roll low sides, he can't mill your opponent. Jabba with its re-roll ability can get your more consistency on emptying the hand.

Flex Cards
Infamous - It's an action hit, but most likely you have a yellow card to get it back. This helps speed up our rounds, so I find it critical, but if you are having issues with something you could pull it and just more aggressively claim. The double yellow removal into a 3rd action is real good though. And if you have enough cheap yellow cards, that Lying in Wait becomes an interesting choice to play. Play out your removal and ambush in that card in to empty their hand in a turn where Jabba didn't roll discard. I have Confiscation in its place right now, but I bounce back and forth. Give it a go!

Con Artist - If you see a lot of Imperial Inspection it gets worse, but this is basically our 3rd Blackmail and sets up an interesting decision for your opponent. If they are going after Jabba/NS, throw this early on the Guavaman. If he's still untouched, throw on a Fast Hands. Still? Bolt Hole his worthless die into 2 shields. Then upgrade Con Artist to Blackmail. Soon your opponent will realize he's the one who's been suckered into the grift and is going to lose to the Guavaman. If they attack the Gauvaman right away, Jabba is free to pick pockets and cards.

On The Hunt - again, gets worse with the Inspections, but it only costs one. Against other decks, this with a Fast Hands is some good early mitigation, has a discard side, and the modified ranged side can be used for Loose Ends. If you aren't getting mileage out of it, definitely something to replace. I find it pretty solid in most games.

Hunker Down slows you down. Don't play it.


Focus Ninja 869

I think you're really hurting yourself by not using 2 Con artists...

smerle 768

@Tiny grimesyou must play in the wonderful world of no Unkar and Imperial Inspections. I'd like to join your meta.

AlreadyPicked 14

How about Sabotage for those pesky Imperial Inspection?

And Personal Shield on Nightsister could be useful, but maybe too slow?

crossjd 1

I would definitely run 2 Lying in Wait#lyi. It's a closer once jabba goes down. You don't need 2 con artists but I would drop Bolt Hole#bol in favor of more dice removal like isolation or one quarter portion. I would also drop an infamous and throw in bait and switch to turn resource sides to range sides for loose ends. Other than that the deck looks strong. Worried you won't claim as much as you think against this current fast meta.

smerle 768

@crossjdBolt Hole is basically removal. Pretend it's an electroshock that hits 2 dmg. Isolation is no good because it spots blue and NS dies. Infamous is your speed. This week at our store I beat Jango FN twice, Palp, Obi, and FUnkar in final match. You claim even if it's taking 2-3 damage because you are still ahead

CBMarkham 352

You have 28HP?

Also, I like Ascension Gun more than ConArtist in this list, as it triggers Command Center, gives you options for Loose Ends, and has a natural 2 discard side, in case Jabba dies and you need to mill their hand.

I also think you might need a Lying in Wait or 2 for the endgame.

smerle 768

Lol. For some reason I thought NS was 8. So 27. Huge diff :P

AG is good. Feel free to try it out. I like the disrupt option off Fast Hands going first tho

smerle 768

@CBMarkhamif you need a discard finisher, run Interrogation Droid. 1x is enough and I run it sometimes

AlreadyPicked 14

Since I only have 1 Blackmail, I tried it with -1 Confiscation, +1 Con Artist, +1 Interrogation Droid. It's a very fun mill deck. My favorite so far.

I might remove the 2x Con Artist for 2x Lying in Wait.

There are so may cards that could be useful... Ascension Gun, Cunning, Sabotage, Friends in Low Places, Unpredictable...