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Setzuen 445

Hi guys, it's Setzuen! I'm a tournament veteran, so I thought I'd share my deck with you. At the time of writing this, I've only lost 1 out of 40+ games. I've won countless local tournaments and I'm currently undefeated amongst my circle of friends. I know that my winning streak will eventually come to an end, so any input is more than welcome. I'll also answer any questions, and help any of you as much as I can. =)

The reason I'm running eRey with eQui isn't just because Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master has great sides, but it's because of his synergy with Synchronicity, Riposte, and Caution; which all speak for themselves in value. Also, by doubling down on eQui, I start with 4 dice in my opening pool, so I have a high chance of deciding the battlefield.

I went for Secluded Beach - Scarif, because it literally has no negative effect on my deck whatsoever, but if my opponent runs a ranged deck, it can be very oppressive. I'm aware that I won't always run against against ranged decks, but I'd rather use a battlefield that my opponent will never get any value out of, than a battlefield that we both get value out of. The latter is just too RNG. =P

My choice of upgrades are pretty standard. I favoured upgrades that were no only cost-efficient, but that also supported Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master's ability. Force Speed, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber and Lightsaber can all generate shields, and aside from Force Training, they all have shield dice, which also adds consistency to Synchronicity's activation requirements. Makashi Training is included because of its low cost and crazy damage potential, and the added bonus of damage mitigation. Finally, Vibroknife is included for action abuse with Rey - Force Prodigy, as well as making all melee dice unblockable.

My events are as low-cost as possible, so that my resources can fund my upgrades. Guard is absolutely bonkers, as it can remove up to 3 opposing dice in exchange for 1 of yours at no resource cost. Overconfidence is game-changing, but it needs to be used on two opposing god dice. At the very least you'll ditch one of them, but if you're lucky, the one that they keep will be rolled into something worthless as well. Force Misdirection crushes mirror matches against other melee-heavy decks, wiping out all of their damage for a single resource. Deflect has great value vs ranged, removing a dice and turning it into damage. :)


OathSworn 81

@Setzuen I think this is the best draft of the deck yet.

Curious as to your thoughts regarding Your Eyes Can Deceive You. Seems like it could be quite strong with all the shield results adding compounded value to them.

Bastuful 9

I still think that Destiny isn't needed in the deck. There's almost nothing in the deck worth wasting your dice for it. I would rather add Return of the Jedi so you can play Synchronicity and Riposte more than two times.

I also think the deck needs Force Illusion to survive against decks like EmoBoys.

Setzuen 445

@OathSworn Thank you. I'm definitely loving Rey's Staff's base melee sides. With all the modifiers in my deck it allows me to resolve my damage more consistently. I'm also obsessed with Journals of Ben Kenobi. I genuinely consider it one of the best cards in the deck. =)

I left a comment about Your Eyes Can Deceive You on my first draft of the deck (it's annoying that comments don't carry over to all versions). =(

Basically, my reason for not including it is because I find the effect pretty underwhelming, as my opponent can just re-roll it along with other dice for a discard. If Your Eyes Can Deceive You removed the dice instead, or allowed me to manipulate my own dice as well, I'd definitely run it, but as it stands, it seems little more than a minor inconvenience once per round.

Setzuen 445

@Bastuful Destiny is legit one of the best cards in the entire game. Every deck should be running this. Even villain decks should be slipping it in, on the off-chance that judges at their local tournaments don't realise that it's hero only. It's just that good.

There are always dice to throw away for Destiny. Rey - Force Prodigy notoriously has weak sides, such as her discard and +1 resouce sides. Every dice in the game will have at least 1 or 2 duff sides, and the law of averages states that you will roll duff sides MANY times in every game. Hell, I'd even ditch 3 straight melee damage to slam Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber on the board, because it will earn its keep within the first or second round of it being out. Nothing beats round 1 dropping Makashi Training, rolling a bunch of crap sides and playing Destiny to trade those crap sides for a second upgrade worth 2-3 resources. It's so oppressive, and will almost-always snowball a game based on tempo alone. =P

Return of the Jedi is not a great card. If it either had ambush, or cost 0, I'd probably run it, but paying 1 and spending an action just to bring back an event that you then have to pay for and/or spend an action on, simply isn't worth it. It's not like there are any overwhelming events in this deck. Synchronicity and Riposte's effects just aren't worth the sacrifice in cost and pace.

Jowzer 43

Is OWTF just too slow for this deck, I'd like at least 1 in this deck I think. I want to try this out sometime.

Setzuen 445

@Jowzer I personally think that it's a little slow, but if I were to put it in, I'd ditch 1 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber, because that way I'm dropping a high cost card for a high cost card, but also because Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is unique, so dropping to 1 doesn't impact your total field presence.

megandyg 74

What about including cards with more shields since it will improve your survivability if you roll like shit (as I have a tendency of doing)? Like Defensive Stance, Jedi Robes (which is fun to play in round one since you can pop it on Rey for two shields, then use her action cheat to replace it immediately with Vibroknife and keep rolling without using an action), or Force Protection which is really handy if you can get it out early and use the shields to both protect Rey and do little bits of damage by Qui.

Perhaps it's better to have the longer term damage potential of a weapon upgrade rather than Force Protection , but the survivability counts for a lot too. Plus, it's a 3 cost card, so it can't be removed by Imperial Inspection (the single most brutal card against this deck if you have a bunch of 2 cost upgrades).

Setzuen 445

I'm not a fan of Defensive Stance. I'd sooner run Take Cover so that I can save the 1 resource for upgrades, but I don't have the room for either of them. They're too low impact. =(

My reason for excluding Force Protection is that although its special is insane (especially for Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master), it's the only good thing about this dice. Sure, it has 2 special sides, but the only bumps up the chance of rolling it to a 1/3. It costs 3 so it's difficult to drop turn 1, and its other sides are trash. If it cost 2, or had a third special side, I'd have included it, but as it stands, it's just not consistent enough.

Now I must say that you've sold me on Jedi Robes. I've always had the opinion that the chance of drawing it round 1 isn't worth taking, and that outside of its 2 shield passive, it's worthless. However, in a Rey - Force Prodigy deck, I can just play Jedi Robes, gain a shield (or 2 if I'm lucky), then replace it when something better comes along, discounting that upgrade by 2. I've essentially lost no actions and paid nothing for up to 2 shields. Nice one, I'll definitely test this out. =)

megandyg 74

Glad to help :)

I appreciate the feedback. I'll try running the deck without Force Protection or Defensive Stance to see how it flows.

I'm finally gonna get my second copy of Makashi Training and Handcrafted Light Bow, so I think once I can get those more reliably in rotation, I'll like the deck even more! I like Lightsaber and Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber but I have a hard time resolving them if I roll the damage resource side (I seem to be notoriously broke with this deck) or inevitably Rey will roll something stupid like +1 resource when I had the +2 or +3 die side on the lightsabers (and inevitably, Qui will roll something other than melee), leaving me with no damage to resolve with the lightsabers. So to me, Handcrafted Light Bow is the better card despite the lack of redeploy because I'm more likely to be able to roll some resolvable damage sides. If you think about it, both lightsaber die have 2 damage sides that are dependent upon another condition in order to be useful, while Handcrafted Light Bow has 3 damage sides that can be resolved independently.

Winter_soldier 1

@Setzuen great job on this decklist. What would you drop to include 1 or 2 Jedi robes? I feel like you need all the events and upgrades in this deck.

Setzuen 445

Sorry for the late reply, guys!

`@megandyg I wouldn't recommend using Force Protection, as it's only good for its special side. You only have a 1/3 chance of rolling special, so most of the time it's a dead card.

I agree with using Handcrafted Light Bow over Lightsaber. I can definitely see the benefits. Redeploy is worth considering, but my main reason for not making the switch (yet) is the ranged side that needs to be resolved separately to the melee sides, and because the damage is ranged, it doesn't gain the unblockable benefit from Vibroknife. All of my damage in this deck entirely ignores shields, which crush mill and stall decks. The sides are slightly more consistent on Handcrafted Light Bow, but these small factors swayed me to Lightsaber.

@Winter_soldier I ended up dropping Rey's Staff, just because it had the weakest sides and cost the same as Jedi Robes. Just to clarify, my reason for using Jedi Robes is to generate 2 shields for free in round 1, as I can play Jedi Robes, gain 2 shields, then immediately play Vibroknife or Makashi Training with a 2 resource discount. Or, if I prefer, I can roll out Jedi Robes for a round or two, then replace it with Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber for a single resource. =)

Scactha 850

I like this pairing too because of the 4 dice hero blue start which makes the best card in the game; Destiny, really shine. It´s the Dark Ritual of SWD. Imagine it with Mace Windu - Jedi Champion. Turn one play Vibroknife, roll out and then Destiny a Master of the Council on him as the next action on a 4/1 side. Mad.

Notes on the deck (obviously my own opinion only); I think it's overloaded on Upgrades and could do some some slight shifts in the control suite.

Force Misdirection is really only good with Chirrut Îmwe - Blind Warrior and Rey. Here it hits half the damage dice it´d like. As you are usually faster than the opponent I´d say High Ground instead. Apart from that I´d drop the JBK's, and 2 other things like 1 Staff and Sabre for some additional control like Confidence. 8 is a tad light when you are trying to use Shields as weapons imho.

Further, Rey decks capitalizes well on Use The Force due to the double actions. It´s another source of burst damage in a deck that already has that strategy.

Finally I disagree on YECDY. It´s the cost and tempo that´s the point of that card. Sure they discard to reroll, but that´s both a loss in tempo (an action) and a resource (a card) for nothing from your side.