Jango Dressed to the 9's

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High Noon (With Deck Analysis) 66 53 29 1.0
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Jango is my first character deck. Originally Jango and Veers. Looking to dump as much FN rerolls as possible - and hoping for some Jango magic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I took inspiration from "High Noon" and then after @The Beast made comments (to my similar deck) I went away from Fast Hands in favor of the F-11D Rifle. Now, it seems that I too am playing 'High Noon' (with just a few different events). Tip my hat to @Agent of Zion, he got there first, but I was going to get there too. ;)

If anyone comments - would you please tell me your opinion about...

Adding [1] On The Hunt vs. (a Flame Thrower or F-11D Rifle)?

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