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wrrlbacca 1

Not a serious deck just toying around with a few different ideas with some of the cards I have on hand. Have only been playing Destiny for a week or two and this is my first real deck.

There is no real strategy to the deck it is designed with the purpose of gaining resources then playing supports to deal high amounts of damage to the opponent.

There are a few "combos" that work well in the deck such as using Smuggling to discard a red upgrade and then using Rearm to attach the upgrade.

Cheat can be used to recycle long con beck in to the hand to gain extra resources or bring Field Medic back.

The battlefield is there because of the high amount of upgrades and supports however Cargo Hold - Eravana and Docking Bay - Finalizer are two viable replacements or if you are up for a gamble Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin is fun but risky to play and it can turn the tide of the game if you are able to claim before your opponent.

First Order TIE Fighter, Launch Bay, and Black One bring extra damage to the table however I have considered taking out the Tie in favor of another DH-17 Blaster Pistol, and replacing Black One with AT-ST.

The upgrades are interchangeable such as replacing DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol, and or the A180 Blaster with Holdout Blaster but I made this deck to be relatively cheap.

There are many different events that could be run in this deck such as taking out All In, Cheat, Draw Attention, or Let The Wookiee Win to play a second of one of the four.

I Have considered adding BB-8 or C-3PO to the deck but I cant decide what to remove.

Black Market could also be used in the deck to help pay for the higher cost cards.

Once I've had the chance to play test the deck I have considered adding Outmaneuver depending on how fast the deck claims the battlefield

Edit: removed Let The Wookiee Win and Draw Attention to add in to Unpredictable to add a little extra dice control. and added a second All In.

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