Captain Ventress

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Kartikeya 3

Im just getting into the game. This is also my first published deck, inspired by all the Captain Phasma decks, but with a Sith twist.

I would really like some feedback on how you vets think it would perform on the table. Thanks in advance!


DreadFool 1

I'm assuming that you maybe don't have access to some cards yet (like a second Sith Holocron, Vibroknife?). My first thought is that, even with It Binds All Things and Sith Holocron, your upgrades are quite expensive. But Now I Am The Master looks like a great include with the Royal Guard given it's not an ability (I had to look twice). That will get very frustrating for opponents. Nice. However, I don't rate Lure of Power unless it's looking to do something other than damage (e.g. ) or being used with something like Meditate. Sadly, there aren't too many obvious alternatives. I do like Immobilize with Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin. Some non-dice options I would consider are Manipulate and (while it might reduce the effectiveness of No Mercy) Doubt and Flank.

Kartikeya 3

Thank you for the feedback. I do have a second Holocron and I'll find room for it. I thought Now I Am The Master might be a neat surprise and help power The Power of the Force. And you are correct I was not thinking damage with Lure of Power but flexibility. ( e.g. resources.) Thanks again.