Jedi killers

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SwEEEEEtDookie 7

My idea of a control/agro deck. Manipulate and then feel no anger them, and when they try to reroll their blanks they discard 2. If they go after ventress then Grevious lives longer and if they go after Grevious then they usually lose their hands every turn to reroll. Now they start getting milled. Plus there is a lot of dice mitigation/manipulation to keep your characters alive. And action cheating to get some serious damage with Grevious.

Muligan hard for force speed or tactical mastery (preferably speed) and vibroknife or makashi training. Play speed on ventress. Play vibro/makashi on Grevious. Activate ventress roll speed special and a potential of 6-10 damage in 1 activation. Any feedback please let me know.

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