Vader's Force Kin

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Derived from
Vader Royale (w/ Youtube Video Series) 5 3 1 1.0
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My current version of eDarth Vader - Sith Lord / Royal Guard.

The original inspiration for the combination comes from Severn Gaming's Christian with his Vader Royale. I originally subbed out the Force Speed for a couple of Force Choke as that was all I had, and with that change I managed to pilot the deck to a 3-0 at a local league night.

Fast forward to last weekend where I watched an interesting pair of eDarth Vader - Sith Lord / Tusken Raider decks worked their way to First and Second place at a Store Championship ( and new creative juices flowed. I have only played a few games on TTS with the current iteration of the deck and there are definitely some changes that could be made to the Event package.

I'm not sure on the Battlefield, it's ability to let me dig for cards is nice as well as pitching the whole hand to thwart Discard die like Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty and Blackmail, however Secluded Beach - Scarif, Otoh Gunga - Naboo, and Moisture Farm - Tatooine all get a special mention.

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