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brennanmcgee 285

2nd place in 23 people tournament, and top cut in 27 people tournament

(Note: I don't use Command Center because this deck is too slow to benefit, and you'll end up getting it used against you, and risk milling clutch cards such as second chance, and con artist.)

Hard mulligan for spy net, con artist, and/or cunning. Double spy net in opening hand is the dream. This deck can exponentially increase your milling abilities when stacking cunning and con artist.

The general idea is simple, roll of against an opponent, and 9 times out of 10 you want to take their battlefield, and put shields on Trooper; he's going to serve as a human shield to protect Maz and Padme.

Place spy net out asap, in order to get maximum potential out of its milling ability. Maz rolls out tons of refocus, so when you double up on spy net, it gets nasty.

I tend to place con artist and cunning on Maz, so that when I roll her out, I can resolve specials without fear of my mill being removed. Padme usually gets scout and/or Maz's Goggles. With the equipment split this way, you're able to benefit from spy net with both characters, and each has a set of mill specials.

C3P0 is your end game closer. This deck lacks strong discard, so the goal is to roll C3P0, and resolve one of the many 2 sides you have available as a 2 discard.

This deck has lots of survivavility and removal options, be sure to utilize them. Save most of your removal for rounds 2 and 3, as your opponent typically won't be able to resolve much damage round 1, and most can be soaked up by your trooper.


Shimmy88 8

I played the same deck with a couple of other cards, but most important change is snap wexley instead of trooper. snap has a discard side on it's die and is really annoying for your opponent to claim, so he will always focus on snap first and snap has 1 health more.

Brandonious 222

I was playing a build similar to this and was using an elite Padme.

You're completely right about Command Center. Care to indulge on your choice of Maz as an elite?

Dave Sharona 606

@BrandoniousI'm sure it's to make sure Padme isn't the obvious target

brennanmcgee 285

@Brandonious I use eMaz because her refocus sides helps hit spy net, and makes Padme less of a threat. By having two on Maz, opponents are usually lost on who to go for first. Also, two dice allows you to easily refocus con artist or cunning and resolve, before an opponent can remove.

Brandonious 222

@Dave Sharona @brennanmcgee Solid logic. I did not think of that. It's a litte shady too, so I like it! I used ePadme for the obvious mill sides, but the hidden focus strategy seems like it could work. I will test out your strategy, sir! Thanks!

brennanmcgee 285

@Shimmy88 using Snap doesn't guarantee they'll target him, plus, any decent player will save a resource and claim, regardless of snap being out. Plus, Trooper allows for removal, which can help when a damage dice is tied to modifiers.

Blu 1

@brennanmcgee you can resolve Cunning on your own card right? Is the idea to trigger Cunning's Special to load up another damage counter on Con Artist, milling them? What's the optimal play for including Cunning in your deck? Thanks!

brennanmcgee 285

@Blu you're exactly right! Use cunning on con artist to double up on its milling abilities. I'd played correctly, it can increase exponentially.

DreadFool 1

How does this fair against Imperial Inspection? if you wanted to make space for Sabotage as a counter, what would you cut?

Jorgyn Ryys 182

Having played several versions of Con Artist decks I can safely say Imperial Inspection can and will slow this deck down quite a bit. Sabotage is a necessary card if you are playing Mill.

brennanmcgee 285

@Jorgyn Ryys @DreadFool I agree with you on imperial inspection. I didn't include it in this deck because I seldom run into it in my local area. If I were to include sabotage, I'd cut one C3P0.

Shimmy88 8

@brennanmcgee You are totally right, I actually never saw the guardian on the trooper.. will try again with trooper instead of snap!

Blakeclevenger 1

Why logistics, cheat and draw attention? What about rebel? It can allow you to go redeem a lost spy net or 2nd chance... or just reuse another card (field medic, electroshock).

johannes 1

there are some cunfusing and contradicting ideas to be found obout the con artis and cunning combo. especially about having two con artists on one character,when you roll both dice,can you just thoose the die you want(with the special) for the card with the most tokens on it?