Backstreet Boys (Tanky Support, C&C please)

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qwerty2jam 117

Hey all,

Just to start with, no, this isn't some comprehensive store champs guide, just documented ramblings on my attempt to take a recent store champ winning deck, that the creator stated was a jumbled mess, and refine it.

I like this deck because it's different. It's not rapid beat your face in Poe/Maz or Emokids and it uses an underutilized area of the game, supports.

Now between adding yellow for a better removal colour and the 32 - 46 health pool this list should be tanky as all get out. The idea is that this durability from health and removal should buy us the time to get our resources and supports rolling.

Speaking of resouces between the symbols showing on our characters, Aftermath, Imperial Discipline, Datapad and Supply Line we have a wookie's buttload of resource gain in the deck, facilitating those high cost Endless Ranks, Slave I and AT-ST.

A few cards I'm still making my mind up over;

Imperial Inspection: A card with 2 resource sides but also the ability to guarantee a side I need (resource side) by removing it if it rolls poorly, or a guaranteed damage side if I need to finish someone off. There was 2 of these in here but I subbed one out for Supply Line.

Supply Line: Just a good and cheap resource generator to get out early if possible, almost hard mulligan worthy maybe? As stated I swapped out an Imperial Discipline for this, meaning less consistency for more resource sides in general.

Datapad: This should be fairly easy to understand, just a cheap resource generator to get out and roll in as many times a turn as possible. I would likely throw these on Guavian Enforcer as between enemy damage, The Best Defense... and being the holders of Imperial Discipline your First Order Stormtrooper is going to die fast.

Removal: The other option is to drop both the Imperial Discipline and the Supply Line for another set of removal or mitigation. My thoughts are maybe Scramble, Doubt or One-Quarter Portion. I'm worries this might leave me a little short on resources, and this deck already has some of the best removal in the game so it's something I'm going to have to test.

Have I missed anything? Does this have any ability to compete? Should I git gud?



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qwerty2jam 117

Well I had my first test games tonight and it went bloody well!

Five games; Poe/Maz, Poe/Maz, Padme Mill, Vader Raider, Mothma/Trooper/Hired gun. 4 wins, 1 loss.

Poe/Maz: this game went great. First turn was a The Best Defense... to remove Poe's dice then a ton of resource sides and a Datapad. Second turn was a Slave I and a First Order TIE Fighter and a dead Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen. Game was closed two turns later with a dead First Order Stormtrooper and two very sore Guavian Enforcer.

Poe/Maz: Double turn 1 Poe special into double Thermal Detonator. A cunning on maz roles a special and U-Wings me....what can you do right?

Hero Mill:Nothing special here really he got me down to the cards in my hand but only had Temmin "Snap" Wexley - Recon Specialist left and I had a few supports out to deal with him. Just sucked up bad roles and didn't reroll. Funnily enough Supply Line was a saviour here, rolling special on that is b-e-a-utiful. Won that one.

Vader Raider: Huge first damage roll with me holding no mitigation saw a Guavian Enforcer dead first turn and his brother dead the next. However 2 x Datapad and Supply Line saved my bacon with huge resources that brought in enough supports, removal and 2 Endless Ranks to hold on and win. Came down to 2 health....good lord.

Mothma/trooper/Hired gun: This deck belonged to a mate and I know how badly it can hurt but it was one of those games where a deck never hits it's stride. No Maz's Goggles, no Wingman and no It's a Trap! basically just ensured and easy win for me.

So yeah that's it for tonight. Regular group meetup on Sunday and Monday after which I will update again for anyone that cares :P Having great fun with the deck, feels like the very early days where we were just working out Funkar (choke and poke) for the first time.

Cheers all.