Undefeated SC eLuke/Rey 6-0 Minneapolis Mead Hall 7/29

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Epro 551

This deck is primarily designed to action cheat large chunks of damage to your opponent's dismay.

Vibroknife,Holdout Blaster, Swiftness+Force Speed/Force Illusion and My Ally Is The Force is your action cheating package. I usually try to roll Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight first unless Rey - Force Prodigy is stacked with multiple Force Speed with 2 actions to spend. Sometimes I can get an overwrite for Rey off Luke's draw ability.

It's assumed Rey will be killed first which is great news since Luke's character dice damage sides do the majority of our damage in the end. I discard liberally to rerolls early and intend to kill the opponent's most threatening character within the first 2 turns. Lightsaber and One With The Force are great cards to put on Rey near death.

My only loss was in a best-of-three in the finals against a Kylo/Anakin where he actually milled me, Luke was still totally alive. This means that the 22 health I bring is enough to last through most assaults. Lightsaber and Handcrafted Light Bow are both particularly effective in this matchup if Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II is allowed to play which it should.

In terms of battlefield, this deck is so fast it can claim a majority of the time so the 2 shields are a lot more important 90% of the time. I say this because I haven't played a Poe/Maz with this deck before. Tough call as to whether letting them go first and get battlefield would be too devastating. It's possible to kill Maz on turn 1 especially if we go first since I'd assume the shields would go to Poe.

The removal package really shines against most all ranged decks (thanks to Deflectx2) which are the majority of the meta other than other blue stuff (not Palp) and the melee portion of FNUnkar. Overconfidence is majorly underrated and can really screw up your non action-cheating opponent. Guard can be a homerun but is more often discarded to rerolls. I don't ever want to use it on one of Luke's dice. Makashi Training offers a lot of flexibility for the deck and is a great option for overwriting a Holdout Blaster before rolling Rey in.

Heroism and Force Illusion are my last ditch efforts to keep Rey alive for one more turn of action cheating for Luke.

All other Rey decks have something else going on besides just action cheating. Quigon has shield synergy, Han is difficult to kill and opens up yellow removal, Padawans can hit suuuper hard on turns 1 and 2. Even old Ben has his guardian shenanigans to keep Rey safe. I think this pairing is the best way to abuse action-cheating for maximum damage though. Luke has the chunkiest damage sides, most health, and the extra card draw offers a great amount of utility. It's pretty fun to play, lots of rolling and it's damn satisfying to resolve 6-8 damage on your opponent without them having recourse.


talism 36

what where your matchups, deck seems weak vs imp inspection.

Epro 551

1 Palp 2 Poe Rey 3 Dooku Asajj 4 Kylo Anakin Semi finals FNUnkar Finals Kylo Anakin again.

I agree and disagree about Imperial Inspection, losing the die and resources spent hurts but also gives you another chance to action-cheat. If they are triggering Inspection, it means they are removing something I already got the action-cheat out of and that's good enough for me. Grabbing a resource somewhere and overwriting with a 3+ cost upgrade has been another successful workaround.

Winter_soldier 1

@Epro Nice list! I was looking for a good Luke list and I will definately try this. Did you also have matches were the opponent went for Luke first? I played a Luke/rey deck a couple of times and they always went for Luke first. If that happend What did you do?

talism 36

That was going to be my other comment. If yur opponants are going for rey first. They are playing suboptimal vs this deck. Pretty much anybdeck that is big guy little guy. You need to kill the big guy first.

Epro 551

Willpower, Caution, Heroism, Guard, and Force Illusion are my main answers to whoever's getting nuked.

If they take down Luke first he will get 2 full turns of damage in and I'll have a fully loaded Rey left to finish the job.

Epro 551

Lost one today against FNUnkar. Some of the main reasons I lost were poor rerolls (did a lot more rerolls than normal it seemed), didn't see Force Speed, and his well timed removal.

Imperial Discipline hit the table but actually didn't get to trigger. He rolled a big discard 2 with Vibroknucklers and pumped a resource to make it 3. That hurt. Ultimately I could only get 9 dmg onto FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper before Luke was felled.

A good start against FNUnkar is crucial to not allow 9's ability to trigger too many times.