FN combo-agro (Q2kit winner, local t. multiple winner)

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siny25 56

4 dice FN deck. This is kinda combo deck. Version 2, tuned after good amount of succesful IRL tournalments. With meta full of Funkars

6 removal

6 economy cards

2 draw

16 weapons

Idea is to ramp into 3 resource with starting hand, than maximize resourse income from Bala and Nithsister dice (2 damage also nice :) ). Then chain weapons and fix them with Nightsister ability for max damage.

Mos Eisley is typical do nothing battlefield. I prefer almost always shields (for Nightsister/FN depending on vibroknife chance). I do not claim very often, sometimes you bait your opponent to claim to give you freedom for boundless ambition and combo off.

Arms Deals are very good against Uncar and Kylo (who are very popular in my meta). In other matchups I mulligan these away as start with enrage is way better. Imperial War Machine is nice as people often dont see it comming.

I'm still not sure about removal package as you mainly need free removal (cause 16 weapons need tons of money)

2x He doesnt like you are no brainer

2x doubt are ok, sometimes more lucky, sometimes :(, but they reliably screw modificators and unkars ability

2x flank is very good in late game (in early game you spend all $ for weapons) so 2x flank maybe too many, but they are so good, when timed right

Ultimately you can always reroll opp die with nightsister ability.

This deck can do easly 10+ damage in turn 1 if goes unchecked with $ and discard. You probably end up with bruised sister, but 1-st turn kill is very good (dont forget about bala ability).

Perfect hand is: Enrage + bounless ambition + random weapons.


krez 221

This deck is definitely scary-- encountered it on TTS yesterday.

Tybrid 873

Cut 2 Doubt, add in Awards Ceremony

siny25 56

I thought about it, but I prefer Ceremony in Unkar builds. I usually have more problems with $ generation. Also ceremony is dead when you have 1-2 charackters :( But, yes, it is worth do some more testing.

Still considering +1 logistics, -1 arms deal

ruce 84

What deck is this deck weak against? Who do you not want to match up against?