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karolko 238

Winner of small (15 people) store championship, nevertheless competition was fierce.

Deck is quite different take on Emo Kids archetype. I choose to run following packages in the deck:

Sith Holocron package with two of each Force Throw, Mind Probe and Force Lightning for maximum damage output.

Blank package with two of each Meditate, Anger and Manipulate for cheap removal and dice manipulation (with plenty of specials in the deck blanks are essentially focus sides when Meditate is present).

Premonitions package with two of each Premonitions, Rise Again and Boundless Ambition. This combination of cards is criminally underplayed in the meta in my opinion. Premonitions used on Rise Again then triggered at later point is huge with 5 point heal and 3-4 cost upgrade getting played on character for free. Boundless Ambition adds much needed consistency for that combo as during longer games you can easily see 20-25 cards of your deck with sometimes seeing your entire 30.

Rest of the deck is rounded up with really solid cards, shield breaker in form of Vibroknife, Force Illusion for those fast games where you can't setup premonitions and more dice control in form of Isolation and Feel Your Anger.

As for the battlefield I've chosen Rebel War Room - Yavin IV as it saves lots of money potentially though I prefer most of the time to just take shields on Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice. I've chose not to run Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II as Poe / Maz is still a thing and I do not claim that often anyways.

Due to the way how the deck is set up it is very consistent and durable with potential of very absurd plays. More often than not Boundless Ambition is the culprit as it can help you with drawing second Premonitions or some other zero cost cards like Sith Holocron, Force Speed or Meditate. First start hand consisting of Sith Holocron, Meditate, Boundless Ambition some force power and some mitigation can very quickly lead to you playing 2 big force powers (one on each character) and doing tons of damage in the process.


Round 1: WIN

vs. eLuke / Rey. Neither of us really rolled that well early in the game but we've managed to deck our characters (his Rey and my Kylo) quite well. I've killed Luke at about same time my Anakin was killed and then it was fully decked Rey vs. fully decked Kylo. Unfortunately for my opponent, I was able to play Rise Again off premonitions which was enough for me to close the game.

Round 2: LOSS

vs. Phasma / Trooper / Guavian. I was able to kill Phasma early round two off my specials but it went downhill from there. I was not drawing much gas whilst my opponent rolled really well and controlled my dice as well. Due to me cycling force speed by claiming Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine I was able to hard cast Rise Again two times this game but still it was not enough and combination of ranged damage and Z6 Riot Control Baton damage did me in.

Round 3: WIN

vs. Trooper / Trooper / Guavian / Guavian. I was able to deck my chars quite early off Sith Holocron and Rise Again into Force Lightning played off second Premonitions. On top of that I was able to keep Anakin above the water from constant range damage by hard casting second Rise Again. Although lots of my damage output was mitigated in the end I had like 7 impact-full dice in play and it was just too much for my opponent to handle.

Round 4: WIN

vs. eJyn / Rebel Trooper, damage variant. I've got my cheats in early and killed Jyn round two. It went all downhill from there from my opponent and Rebel Trooper was murdered round three.

Round 5: WIN

vs. Poe / Maz. I've won the battlefield roll and I've chosen mine. My first roll was Anakin into two special her first play was Hit and Run Poe into special and three damage. I knew from there that the game would be very quick. I've managed to kill Maz early while still having quite healthy Anakin. After that I've controlled Poe's dice whenever I could and did lots of damage via force powers on Kylo.

Top 4 cut made following decks:

1st seed Funkar, 2nd seed Vader / Raider, 3rd seed me and 4th seed Poe / Maz from round 5.


vs. Vader / Raider. First game was quite close with both of us being able to do our stuff. I decked Kylo, he decked Raider. I killed Vader at around the time Anakin was killed. After that it was game of Raider vs. Kylo where hard casted Rise Again and then Premonitions into Rise Again did all the difference. Second game he rolled poorly and I was able to capitalize. All in all, difficult matchup where I've got quite lucky with him rolling poorly in second game.

in other semi-finals Funkar beats Poe / Maz.


vs. Funkar. Although I've killed FN rather quickly, he was able to draw into redeploy weapons and disruption package (two Salvage Stand and one Imperial Inspection). I am able to keep a pace for the while and kill Trooper and start working on Unkar. By that point however I have only Kylo who is taking beating and am almost out of cards. In the end my opponent goes for mill finish and Unkars me out of game.

Second game I play two Boundless Ambition first round into two Sith Holocron, two Force Speed and Meditate. Premonitions hides Force Throw which gets enabled via second premonitions round three. Another force power joins the board courtesy of Holocron and after that it is just too much for my opponent to handle.

Third game I wait and see whether Imperial inspection shows up then capitalize on not seeing it by playing two Vibroknife round two and bypassing shields on FN. I kill him fast, he does not have any redeploys then I draw and hard cast my Mind Probe and Force Lightning before he finds out Imperial Inspection to disrupt my Vibroknife and its a game.

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