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Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2179

What's going on guys, this is Jay again with Double Blanks Gaming. A little preface, I know Vader Royal Guard is by no means a top meta deck right now. It is a solid tier 2 deck but not amazing and plays extremely fair, however I find it to be a very fun and very satisfying deck to play casually.

So I have been messing around with Vader Royal Guard for a couple weeks now on and off against Chris and a little bit on TTS. I really enjoy playing this deck. The first thing I noticed is that when playing against a smarter player- they kill Royal Guard first therefor getting off the big "Price of Failure" play is nearly impossible. So I wanted to cut the card entirely but since this more of a casual deck I decided to leave it in just so when I can make that play then it is so very glorious. What I decided to do instead is to add more mitigation to try and keep Guard a live a turn longer if possible.

I am usually a very aggressive player and I play better when I am playing that style however, I know that all the greatest Destiny players have one thing in common, they include a specific amount of mitigation cards in their decks. So as of late I been trying to add more mitigation cards in my decks. So there is a decent amount of mitigation.

The idea is to load up Vader- which this is really the only deck I know of that you are able to viably play weapons on Vader. I love Kylo Ren's Saber and I think being able to play it in this deck is why I love this deck so much. Late game Vader in this deck is just a beast and thematically I love that.

This deck is pretty self explanatory and nothing special- no special techs, just a solid and fair deck I have been enjoying a lot lately.

Yes, it is possible to get that play off! See it right here xD


thejumpingflea 191

I think it's ok to burst down the Royal a guard when you've got the chance, but otherwise it's always smart to go after Vader. I have played a bunch against this archtype and the losses I have are typically due to falling for the bait to focus on killing the Guard first.

Ro el pen 32

Jay, I have run EVader & Royal Guard the 2 weekends at store champs in So Ca placing 2nd at both SC. Like you stated in your post I play heavy dice mitigation to keep as much heat off the table as possible. I would like to send you my list and please assist and advise me in getting this list over the top. There are still a few store champs out here and I am hoping to vet over that 2nd place finish. Thank you in advance.

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2179

@Ro el pen yeah man! Send me your decklist! That's awesome that you have been doing so well with Vader Royal Guard! Let me see what you're currently using!

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2179

@thejumpingflea I feel like it's the opposite for me xD every time someone tries to go for Vader than I am able to make the price of failure play for the close but if someone bursts royal guard turn one or top of turn 2 then I know have 2 dead cards in my deck and my power play is gone lol

nickthebug7777 1210

@Jmiahddixon thats interesting. I've been playing Vader/Guard for a few months now and done pretty well with it. I find that the Vader/Guard player wants to load up Vader and Guardian with the Guard.

This, in my mind, means that I don't really care if my opponent goes for Vader or the Guard first. Go for Vader first? I'll guardian damage and spread it out and try to get price of failure off for the blowout turn and the win. Focus Guard first? I'll try to protect him as much as possible load up Vader and then its a loaded full health Vader against your team.