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heifinator 135

Why Han Rey

I've been using Han / Rey with solid success in our local meta and on TTS over the last 4 weeks. I find the balance of action cheat, aggro, control, and survivability to be as good as you can get in Destiny.

I see Han / Rey get touted as a solid T2 deck but personally I believe this variation has the consistency to be thrown into the T1 ringer.

When putting it together the thought was to ensure that I had an answer to everything. Rarely will this deck get a crushing victory but instead it wins by attrition. This makes the deck less accepting of error by the pilot.

My favorite think about the deck is that I never feel helpless, there is always an answer and I almost always have it in hand or some way to grab it in a couple actions.

Card Selection

I would like to go over some of the card selection decisions I made with this deck. I have lots of 1 offs which I get quite a few questions about.

Bowcaster - Redeploy, enough said. Before Rey eats it you should fish for this to replace her vibroknife.

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol - Ambush & the dice removal makes this card amazing especially with Starship Graveyard - Jakku. I can't tell you how many games I've replaced a holdout blaster or a DL-44 with another DL-44, gained 2 actions, a shield, and removed a dice over and over and over again. Really annoying for the opponent.

Fast Hands- Nothing to be said. First action Han roll with an immediate 3 damage or 2 disrupt is painful.

Force Illusion - I only play one of these which I get some criticism for. My logic is that you will need this on turn 2-3 ideally. This deck cycles your entire hand most early turns which means you are already half way through your deck, by this point I either have drawn the card or have a caution / hold on to buy myself another turn. Only a couple games have I wished I had 2 of these. Really great way to extend rey's life, especially with good use of the battlefield.

Holdout Blaster - Again redeploy and ambush.

Second Chance - The king of the deck, using this in conjunction with hans ability and the graveyard makes a very hard to kill character.

Vibroknife - Ambush 2 cost, yes please.

Caution - I only run one of these as I rarely want to eat a dice for shields but it is a good way to buy a character another roll out.

Deflect - Used rarely, I run it as a way to turn a 3-4 damage side around. I have on quite a few occasions used a deflect + riposte to end a game or kill a character quicker than the opponent was expecting.

Destiny - What an awesome card. Criminally underplayed IMO. Rey's dice suck, lets be honest. This just adds some value to her dice. Dropping a vibro or holdout blaster for free and netting 2 actions + 1 shield is crazy good.

Disarm - Playing against FN, hard mulligan for this bad boy. I am considering adding a second, so good on the rey +2 damage side.

Friends in Low Places - Anti-control, this deck has a hard time with mill or palpatine, this card helps a lot.

Guard - Great first turn control, if you don't have destiny you can eat a +2M to throw away 2 dice, really helpful in the war of attrition that this deck is.

Hold On! - A staple in this deck, Move shields from han to rey and then gain another shield, solid card.

Loth-Cat and Mouse - The best control card in the deck imo. I usually get han on the table quickly, I am either happy with the roll and fast hands it off, or am unhappy and loth to control the board a bit. Again, attrition!

Negotiate - If I am against palpatine I hard mulligan for this card. Great way to mess up palpatine on turn 1.

Overconfidence - As much as I love this card, it isn't great in this deck. I get use out of it but this would be my first card to go.

Riposte - A closer, typically it ends up getting used to finish off a character. Really solid way to add damage to a deck that doesn't have a lot.

Unpredictable - What a nasty card, underloved IMO. Love to use it off a rey double action to get the roll fixed up before resolving. Plus a shield. Worst case you toss to re-roll.

How to Win

Poe Maz Not to bad of a match up. This deck is nice and fast and can claim with the best of them. Keep the first action as long as possible and keep trying to smack poe for 3 at least each turn. If poe has 6-8 damage on him when Rey goes down you are going to win. Look for shields against this deck. My favorite round 1 is destiny into vibro on rey, 2 actions roll han, resolve something. Caution shields onto rey then have a loth or disarm ready to throw away a fast hands.

FN Decks Hard match always, FN is so good.... Do whatever you can to disrupt resources and keep him poor. Find fast hands and disarm if you can. Disarm a 2 cost upgrade off FN and then fast hands on han. Keep the battlefield, you want to instant roll han on action 1 and disrupt 2. Even if it only happens once or twice a game that really hurts for FN. Keep the dice count under control. Eat FN asap.

Baze Decks Easy, shields win, kill baze, be disciplined on damage. If baze does 6 and you do 3 you will win eventually. Once baze is dead its over.

Mill Just slow down and use upgrades.

Emo Kids Don't sit on bowcaster, DL, or Second Chance. Use them for re-rolls or get them on the table. You don't have a lot of expensive cards so it is pretty easy to manage. Vaders ability actually helps you which is funny. 3 for 1 is a GREAT trade with this deck. We generate shields and have second chance, they don't. Blow up vader, don't leave strong dice on the table and enjoy.


This deck is stressful to play. It always looks like you are losing. I am NEVER ahead on damage until suddenly I am. It is a mind game deck. They kill rey round 2, everything looks great and suddenly they are facing a bowcaster + fasthands + second chance / DL han who is eating them for 3-6 per round off fast hands.

Remember there is almost no bad roll with this deck, which is where the crazy consistency comes in. The mentality playing the deck needs to be go with the rolls. Obviously you need to make key decisions based on the decks your playing against but the dice are easy. Don't reroll much. Almost everything can be worked with to your benefit. Use bad rolls for Loth, negotiate, disarm, guard. Gladly take 3-4 resources if you can get them and drop a big upgrade next round. Disrupt or discard if you get it, and when you finally see those blaster symbols don't hesitate to pop them quick.

Claim, leave dice on the table, this deck is all about staying in front of the action.

Super fun deck to pilot and give it 10 games before you give up on it. Takes a lot of abuse before it clicks.

I hate dice, I hate RNG and because of that I love Han Rey.


Druzzrug 13

I like it! I haven't upgraded my Han/Rey deck with SoR cards yet. Any reason you don't have Force Speed in the deck?

heifinator 135

I found that I didn't need it. With the battlefield being mine half the time, coupled with all the ambush cards and rey I just really didn't ever feel hurt on action cheap potential.

That being said I really probably didn't give it a fair shot either, I can see where in some games it could be really helpful. If I ran speed I would get rid of Guard and Deflect

billeddy 20

What about He Doesn't Like You? Why is Loth-Cat and Mouse better? (I am still new - your insight would be appreciated). FInally, what will you do vs. FN+Unkar+Trooper? Thanks for sharing your deck idea - I plan to use it (possibly with 'Force Speed') to see how well I can learn it. Always wanted to play a Rey-Han deck as my hero. ty

billeddy 20

because... Villian vs Hero!! (I feel so dumb!). Thanks for not shaming me. ;)

heifinator 135

Haha, all good I've made that mistake before!

Against FN Unkar I would pretty much exclusively go for FN. I'd fish HARD for a 2 cost upgrade as you may not get another opportunity to play one for a while after the first action or two.

Use friends in low places to eat his control cards and then roll han to get damage, pitch to reroll liberally and get FN down quick. Use any resource dice you get unless he is sitting on a disrupt and you won't be able to use them. If you get the battlefield and have a DL pistol on the table replace it liberally and claim to get it back for reliable control.

You need to get FN's base dice off the board before he murders you with upgrades. Disarm redeploy upgrades off the table if you ever get the chance.

Scactha 823

Shift BG to Cargo Hold, add a New Orders into the deck and FN becomes a much easier match up, yet the grindy attrition route is obviously diluted. That said this pair can sling so much damage I think looping defense through Jakku is unnecessary.