Getting Handsy

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Getting Handsy 13 9 9 1.0
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Skybarf 0 0 0 1.0
Getting Handsy 3.0 4 3 1 3.0

Treefarmer 171

Draw a bunch of cards into your hand using Luke, Journals of Ben Kenobi, and Outpost (via Maz Castle to draw an extra 2 cards). Roll in Launch Bay for the ranged side or use a Focus to get it there. Salvo them and do massive damage to all their characters.

If you can get Our Only Hope'd into a Launch Bay early, this combo will eliminate most of those pesky support characters letting you focus down the big guys with Lukes dice and another Launch Bay next turn (or Strategic Planning same turn). You'll need a lot of mitigation via Deflect, Guard, and Field Medic so those are good to see in your opening hand but with your draw theres a good chance you'll bump into them anyways. Lukes damage dice are strictly Guard fodder until you can get the combo setup unless you're feeling confident.

Launch Bay is your only real liability against Unkar matchups. Jedi Robes and Datapad are there for money and to either focus or to get you to Ackbars Focus side. Always pull the Journal of Ben Kenobi dice back for an extra draw. Astromech and C-3PO to help you get the side you want on Launch Bay and Logistics to get it in play faster.

This is jank...but it does work and the look on your opponents face when you do 5+ damage to each of their characters is worth it.

V1.2 changes:
+2 Comlink
+2 Supply Line
-2 Firepower
-2 Astromech

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