Hands So Fast - 68-1 Galactic Championship Runnerup

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Woodrow 70

Runner up in the Galactic Championship, only losing to eventual winner Chirrut of All Evil. Plan is simple, get them upgrades on IG, reroll with Jabba and mill them out. Carbon Freezing Chamber locks down opposing Vaders & Palpatines. Fast Hands is amazing, they'll never see Ascension Gun coming. Amazing!


Chuftbot 421

You were an honorable opponent and fought well. I shudder to think what would have transpired had you brought your second Jabba die.

swiffermopninja 1

Literally the most fun deck in the game. I went 12-0 with it and never even rolled out ig-88!

Treefarmer 171

The Salvage Stand is the real MVP here. Most opponents at the tournament never even considered it due to the low probability, but at one point in every game, they realized too late their mistake.

Woodrow 70

@ChuftbotI ain't no 2-die Jabba owning Fat Cat. Besides, I wanted to give my opponents a chance.

Bowie 339

I quake in fear of how autowin this would be if they could pull or buy a second Jabba. Everyone refused to sell or trade their extras just to reduce the OPness of this deck from going God Tier