Rey/Baze - No legendary Cards - budget.

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GenghisDon 17

This is a nice combo with quick damage from Baze and an extra turn from Rey when she activates. Her blue dice are expendable for Caution. Starship Graveyard - Jakku and Planetary Uprising work well together and allows for rerolling via discard if you discard upgrades. As the name suggests, it’s not built on the normal must have list of Riot Baton, Force Speed, Vibroknife, other expensive OP cards. It’s build on a budget. Baze can be had for $7 and is the highest investment. You can proxy his second die if need be. The rest of the deck can be built with the $15 Rey starter box and about $10 in single purchases. So in total this deck is about $35 and it’s cards are very versatile and work well with other builds.

It's not tier one or even 2 but if you can get a fast start, it's pretty tough.

Please share BUDGET FRIENDLY ideas.


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