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Top 8 NA Champs Poe Maz w/ Cargo Hold (tourney report) 8 8 3 1.0

Gameslayer989 424

An unusual Poe Maz for a slower meta, this version focusses on getting resources for a quick poe special into U-wing/falcon combo, or building up maz with upgrades. it also can spend those upgrades to shut down FN decks with retreat or Hyperspace jump. By being able to play botrh fast or slow, it can adapt depending on the matchup to consistently win more games than a regular Poe Maz. One notable card not in this list is planetary uprising. For mathcups where Poe Maz wins easily, planetary uprising is not necissary. For more difficult matchups, planetary uprising encourages you to be claiming a lot, which the slower vehicle and hyperspace jump/retreat shut down plays do not facilitate. It is a very strong card, but the deck is ultimately stronger without it.

See the deck in action here

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