Launch Bay Luke

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Luke Launch Bay - This Time w/o Salvo 1 1 2 2.0
Inspiration for
Launch Bay Luke 0 0 0 4.0

KennedyHawk 83

Another version of Getting Handsy originated by treefarmer and a few others on Discord. This version focuses on getting launch bay our faster but adds a bit more survival adding Defensive Position and High Ground, you could also consider adding Caution or Dug In but I haven't messed with it yet.

This version removes Salvo and focuses on just getting launch bay out and hitting with it, often using All-In to chain focus and Launch Bay dice.

Ways to get Launch bay in fast.

-C3P0 turns lukes 3 melee into 3 resources. -Destiny off of Lukes initial roll. -Use determination to turn a 2 or 3 into resources then focus other dice into resources.

Mad props to @treefarmer and the others on Discord for making this dream a reality.

Updates v3: -2 Force Training -1 Promotion

+2 Force Speed +1 Salvo

This gives you the ability to hold onto Salvo against 3 or 4 wide, and also removes another pair of 2 cost cards. Should you face Unkar 1/3 of your deck costs 0 and only 5 cards cost more than 1, so they won't get too much value from Unkar's discard. Speed also helps you claim more often pumping your hand with Maz's Castle.

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