Ladies of The Rebellion.

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SOR - Mon Leia 1 1 0 1.0
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Tataxx 3

Quicky and sneaky.

Goal of this deck is to gear up the ladies, resist a few turn, and unleash all the damage in a single move. Almost all cards are cheap to use, events are all for defense or to strike quickly to avoid loosing dices againts opponent defensive cards.

After a few changes I feel really comfortable with this deck. I already tested and turned the tables of almost every match.. starting low, taking hits the first 2 turns and defeating a card in a single move (or almost) the next turn.

Not the best versus a mill tbh, as almost all cards are good to use. But can still do it dealing low damage every turn.

I really like it.

Maybe gonna remove Lanciarazzi for another 0 point event..

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