The Traitor and the Loyalist.

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Cano37 21

This is a faster deck that deals lots of damage quickly. Last time I played this I beat Poe Maz in 3 rounds. It is built with FN in mind and uses his ability a ton. So it is best to start by protecting FN, but in addition most of the weapon upgrades in this deck are redeploy meaning that even if you lose a character it still continues to deal heavy damage. Also both characters are amazing for damage. The Battlefield for this deck Starship Graveyard - Jakku allows you to overwrite and use FN's ability while constantly being able to keep a supply of upgrades. Although, a tip I have is to always try to hold on to your money. Usually when I lose with this deck it is due to a lack of resources since there are quite a few sides that cost money to use. I hope you have as much fun with this as I have! Thanks!


gang leader 8

good deck!

infinitytomorrow 1

Any ideas if I don't have holdout blasters?

Cano37 21

If you have another Vibroknife then I would put that in for one. If you don't have any holdout blasters than you could probably use any cost 2 Upgrade. The main use of the Holdout Blasters is for overwriting on FN that way you can preserve your resources and keep hitting hard. Since this is what it is used for you could easily sub in almost any upgrade.

Ion87 25

I've been playing emo kids but don't really like Kylo. This seems like a fun alternative! Do you have any experience playing emo kids? Would be interested to hear your thoughts on strengths weaknesses between the two.

Cano37 21

I haven't played emo kids. But that is because I like this one a lot better. I have never had a boring game with this deck.