Apathy Flowing Through Me (Singapore Store Champ Winner)

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Prawnyman 38

Brought Palpatine to a 23 man store championship and went 4-1 in swiss. Cut to top 4 where it went undefeated.

Here's the tournament report:

Round 1: ePhasma, Trooper, Guavian Enforcer

Mulliganed for a New Orders because I knew I'd probably lose the roll off. Played it and managed to keep moving guns away from the dice pool and kept giving them to the non-uniques who were pretty low on health. Grinded them out and then finished Phasma who only had a Holdout Blaster on her. 1-0

Round 2: Emo Kids

Started with an Enrage and Force Throw. Seeing the battlefield was Emperor's Throne Room , I kept those. I was able to claim consistently and Force Throw whatever dice I didn't like against Vader. Still took a lot of damage but consistently going first and claiming for Force Throw helped me win. 2-0

Round 3: eLuke, Rey

This one was quite lucky for me. Despite not getting New Orders my opponent rolled all blanks for the roll-off allowing me to play with Cargo Hold instead of Secluded Beach - Scarif. Rey did Rey shenanigans and took too many actions with Force Speed and Vibroknife (I don't understand why this has Ambush) but I was able to slow the deck down by shifting Force Speed and Makashi Training to Luke who I was focusing on. Killed Luke with No Mercy and at that stage Rey had taken a lot of damage from Palpatine's ability and I was able to close from there. 3-0

Round 4: Emo Kids

I made a fatal error in assuming he'd choose his Rebel War Room instead of mine. I mulliganed most of my control for New Orders and didn't draw them back when I needed them. Emo Kids didn't play too many upgrades and a Force Lighning pull from Kylo's ability sealed my loss. 3-1

Round 5: eVader, Royal Guard

This was a very close match. Vader got a Vibro Knife early and bypassed all my shields. He kept re-rolling for damage though and I was able to play Rise Again when needed and gain better upgrades. Just before the last round I was at 14 damage, 3 shields, and 2 resources. Fortunately I had Enrage and was able to ping a shield to set up my second Rise Again for the next round. If Vader had focused on disrupting my economy and I think he would have won. 4-1

Cut to top 4 with single elimination, best-of-3 format.

Semi-Finals: Emo Kids from Round 4

Game 1 I had a Holocron which upgraded to a Force Throw but what really set emo kids back was the two consecutive rounds of Abandon All Hope after that. This made it very difficult to control the Palpatine dice and they couldn't resolve their costed Melee sides which they rolled as is Murphy's Law. By Round 4, Vader and Kylo were pretty low on health and the multiple guns I rolled sealed the game.

Game 2 he decided to use my battlefield for the shields. I had a great hand of 2 Force Speeds and 2 Holocrons and an Overconfidence. This effectively made Kylo blank for that round when he resolved his specials twice. I think only 2 upgrades were played on Emo Kids' side, 1 Force Illusion and 1 Holocron which I moved away once he rerolled the special side. Eventually they were grinded out.

Finals: eKylo, Trooper, FN-2199

Thanks to the deck being on the front page I had a good idea on what his game plan was and after seeing some cards played and discarded I was certain it was Zach Bunn's deck. I could play knowing that his hardest control card was The Best Defense.... Midway through the game I used Force Speed to allow me to play New Orders, move Force Lightning from Kylo to FN, and then kill FN. This resulted in Kylo getting only 2 Redeploy upgrades. I managed to kill Stormtrooper before he could use The Price of Failure. Palpatine with 3 Force upgrades vs Kylo with 2 weapons and a Holocron was a match very much in my favour.

Game 2 I tried a different approach and focused all damage on Kylo. Getting Force Lightning with Holocron round 1 was critical as a lot of the Batons being played were being rolled and re-rolled into blanks. Still killed FN first because he rolled into quite a lot of damage and I had No Mercy. Next round I rolled into 4 sides and my opponent could not control them all. Didn't help that he kept seeing Holocron with Kylo's die which saved a ton of damage.

I prefer to build Palpatine with Holocrons and Force Speeds before rolling him out. At least you have something to do in case the Palp dice are removed with Best Defense. Even in Poe/Maz or Poe/Rey match-ups where they are super fast. If you are set up, you can start claiming first from round 2 or 3 and control the game.

This may not be scientific but one thing I've noticed is that the less you care, the better you roll and draw. In Destiny, luck > skill.

I used Cargo Hold as the other battlefields weren't giving me the impact I liked. I can remove a damage with Otoh Gunga but I could also remove a die showing 1 or more damage by moving the upgrade to an exhausted character. 2x New Orders to get my battlefield or deny my opponents' theirs. An average of 4 isn't that great to win the roll off. Also battlefield effects are powerful so being able to use it mid round is good.

I was previously using Moisture Farm but I still kept getting beaten by FUnkar. So I took Cargo Hold at the suggestion of the guy who lent me his cards. Against FUnkar it's supposed to stop the overwriting action/dice cheat nonsense of FN. (FN really encapsulates all my design grievances with Destiny. Cards should allow you to gain some advantage but FN gives you dice and action advantage. With one weapon equipped and overwriting, it practically turns all other weapons into events that say do X dmg for 0/1 resource. Then he rolls in and doubles the value of the dice. Ridiculous)

Only played against FUnkar once as a practice game the whole day so take what I say with salt.

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