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jgarza0072001 113

This is the deck I ran on 8/12/17 at Shuffle and Cut located at La Habra, CA.


dodgertime34 1

Great run, bro! :)

BigDaddyGoblyn 171

Why that BA? Did you find yourself actually using it? Or were you using your Opponents BA so you can net those Shields first Turn?

jgarza0072001 113

@BigDaddyGoblyn I was looking for a field that wouldn't hurt me if it was chosen, but if it was up to me I would pick my opponents field unless it was Emperor's throne room. My first match was against Poe maz and they had the throne room, but my secret to success was a prized possession on Poe turn 2 and lots of shields.

Zenclix 1

Well done. If I may ask, how often were you able to play Prized Possession and/or Endless Ranks? Thanks!

jgarza0072001 113

@Zenclix Thank you. For Prized Possession I was able to play it every match, but I only did if i needed to mitigate a characters dice. We have 5 rounds of swiss, then semis and finals were a best 2 out of 3. So in total I ended up playing 11 matches with a record of 8-3. So out of 11 matches I played prized possession 8 times. With endless ranks I would say 5 times and 1 game I played it twice.

OnlyinAbsolutes 1

Why no the best defense?