Phasma Fett

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louwlittle 7

First deck I've built with the new 2 player multiplayer set. Only new additions from the set are Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician and Captain Phasma's Blaster.

Starting hand, I'll mulligan for Probe, Salvage Stand, Supply Line, and Imperial Discipline. The most important are Probe and Supply Line. I put out Supply Line first to be able to leave Jango readied until my opponent activates their first character; it allows me to buy time. Probe I play second to pull mitigation or damage out of hand cards like Force Strike.

In testing, I found I was consistently hitting 4 - 6 damage on turn 1, and 5 - 8 damage turn 2, even with minimal upgrades.

Hangar Bay - Imperial Fleet is a lot more useful in this deck than I initially expected. Because of Jango's action cheating, I found myself claiming most of the time. Against mid-range or support decks, I'll deal a damage from claiming most of the time.

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