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DarthEmo69 30

I admit it, I have a Fett Fetish, Jango is my main man. Yet I am starting to feel like a faithless lover. First there was General Veers. We had a lot of good times and slew many a foe together. Then I dropped him like a red-haired step child when FN-2199 arrived, strutting his stuff. Now my affection has now turned to Brienne of Darth...opps, confusing my Geekdom there; Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician!

I honestly have no idea why I'm publishing this. It will certainly evolve as my EaW collection grows. Still, it will be a nice starting point for future reference. One thing I hate doing is including two copies of a unique weapon, especially one with redeploy. Just for shitz and giggles I may use Slave I in place of one. It would certainly be thematic. Salvage Stand may be the first card combo to go when I get some good events from EaW.

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