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Pugyman13 1

Recently have gotten into Star Wars Destiny with the Two Player Stater Set and I really enjoy it. I've also picked up booster packs from both released sets so far. I'm fairly amateur at creating decks, so any suggestions are welcome.

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staylor598 451

A few suggestions. Look at some of the more popular decks on here of the colors you enjoy playing (the decks with more likes). That will help you see some of the removal that is better than others.

I would suggest reading a few articles written by The Hyperloops, Artificery, The Chance Cube and other destiny blogs to read about deck building tips.

I would also recommend watching some star killer base and tiny grimes youtube videos for some strategy and learning more about the cards.

If you are going to play 2 characters only, you want either both to be elite (2 dice) or 1 of them elite and one with 1 die, but the elite should be a major character. Even in most 3 character builds, one of the characters is usually elite.