eKylo/eFN 2017 Bluegrass Open 7-0 Winning Deck

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eTormentedKylo / eFN-2199 - Punch Things! 0 0 0 1.0

Aorakis 1

Well, just another broken FN, new (broken) kylo boring deck imo ^^

Edrawley12 1

This is probably my favorite deck ive every played with. Ive been kicking some serious ass with it. I added a T7 Ion Disruptor and substituted a couple weapons in place of the riot batons because I don't have them. Shoto Lightsaber and Infantry grenades which I'm sure most will disagree with but 2 damage on each of opponents characters has won me enough games that I dont care.

jeremyeagles 10

oh my god i didn't think of lightsaber throw with kylo. that is just bananas. goodbye mono yellow decks! Maybe hate instead of enrage? I just ran ephasma / ekylo in my weekly league last night with cards from 2P game and only added lightsaber pull and I absolutely crushed against mono yellow. Won a game without receiving any damage! That's a first.


Its 32 points really its on lying 30 poits

Belsnickel 332

@DEADEYEARCHER The FAQ that changed FN came out after this was published...