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joanofsnark 17

Could be a theme deck could be a new archetype. There are some deviations you can make on this deck for sure, for example mixing in No Mercy taking out Interrogation Droid, take out datapad and add more hard removal.

This deck here is a control suite I really like for a few reasons. I know there's better out there but making opponent dice a bunch of blanks and then taking advanatage of it is something I enjoy. Plus disrupting dice when you have Asajj is a lot more punishing cus it forces your opponent to spend more resources which are easily disrupted by you or discard more cards to keep up while you're ramping more damage with Quinlan and the late game finishers force lightning. Lots of opportunity to take advantage with manipulates, force pushes, etc too with It Will All Be Mine, Force Lightning, Feel Your Anger. Bonus note: since force speed push and lightning are specials you can blank some dice, force lightning special which reroll with those blank, then take two more actions for thinks like It Will All Be Mine.

Quinlan is here as early game pressure. You can easily hold on to your cards making your opponent discard a bunch as you lower your hand to one card and then play Boundless Ambition to surprise 5 or 6 damage with Emperors favor. These two cards along with datapad help your synergy giving you more resources for these plays as well as allowing you extra chances to get those Quinlan specials. Don't be surprised if you're able to deal 10-12 damage at once with him if you combo right.

Also if you hadn't noticed you won't be winning very many beginning game roll-offs. Doing Moisture Farm to keep it simple and not give anyone advantage against your midrange capabilities (potentially slow, potentially fast, plan your rounds carefully!) to give yourself room to breate when you take your turns and focus on the boardstate and how many cards everyone has.

There are some other considerations, depending on how much resources you're gaining during playtesting maybe using Nowhere to Run might have some good synergy with all the 2 blank dice. Depending on how games go I might trade out dark counsel for something else, maybe I don't need that extra draw but I might just find out next week how good it might be.

Anyway let me know if anyone has any thoughts I'm excited to see this in action.

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