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tntsoma 13

I've always loved a good old Qui-Gon deck.

Tylonol's "Take 3" deck (which this deck is derived from, see below) convinced me to pair Qui-Gon with Kanan Jarrus instead of Rey.

Unlike Rey, Kanan is a truly great support character for Qui-Gon. He has great dice and his ability always seems to give you a little boost in speed at just the right moment—resolving a or a just before taking an action is amazing.

Because it's a Blue Hero deck, good options for removal are scarce: Guard is probably the best one but it requires you to remove one of your blue dice (same for Makashi Training). I 'm trying out Distraction instead of Force Misdirection, I also prefer Heroism.

Rend is a meta card. It helps take care of Imperial Inspection (you WILL encounter this card against Thrawn/Unkar), Force Speed, and Sith Holocron.

Otherwise, this deck generates a lot of shields to use Qui-Gon's ability, help deal with damage, and Riposte if need be (especially against a Vibroknife-wielding character).

Not sure about Luke's Lightsaber; I think it's a better option than a second Rey's Lightsaber (both unique cards) but it does not have redeploy.

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