...Singing the Songs of Angry Men

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Dave Sharona 442

This list is derived from my "Empty Dice at Empty Tables" Kylo/Vader build. The difference is this: CONSISTENCY.

So you still roll blanks? That's ok. So do I.

But worse....do you PULL BLANKS? My issue with Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple was always that at least one of his specials I would pull a Zero Cost Card and it would be a complete waste of my time. Captain Phasma gives you access to momentum-generating cards like Tactical Mastery while also having a MUCH more consistent die as well as a special side that does a guaranteed 2 damage.

And if, by some miracle you roll four perfect zeroes, this team can pump out twelve damage. Turn one. With no upgrades, and no reactivation shenanigans.

The point of this deck is free upgrades, so that you have money for Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice sides, New Orders when you (like me) roll terribly for initiative, or even better want the shields on Vader, and extra money for Lightsaber Throws and to pay for force powers if you somehow whiff in Holocron Town.

Depending on how play testing goes, I might bring back Rise Again...again. Lord knows I love the healing and free upgrades! Also considering dropping two force powers for something like Rejuvenate, but time will tell.

Anyway, leave a comment! Make a suggestion! Play Destiny!

UPDATE 9/13/17

I removed the Meditate and Datapad in favor of Imperial Discipline (since it more or less fills the role of Datapad, but adds damage consistency, especially if I miss the rollout and don't get my Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II and Closing the Net just for some additional cheap "better than nothing" mitigation. And this deck needs the speed.

I am seriously considering The Best Defense..., since it's the best dice mitigation card available to Red/Command, but this deck is really tight for HP anyway...more testing will determine, so we will see. Closing the Net has not been great, but it has worked as a last ditch.

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Brandonious 107

Lol, nice!

Does anyone else know that majority of your deck titles are from musicals. The most from Les Miserables that I've seen.

Also, you build some solid stuff. This deck is furious!!!