Focused Heroes

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AnotherWitch 46

This deck is theoretical, but the plan is basically to

--load up on upgrades, mostly weapons, but also with Force Speed or Maz's Goggles for additional focus

--go slow and methodical except for the action-cheating inherent in Maz and Kanan; focus the weapons with the focus upgrades and character dice and do damage.

The idea is that these character dice, combined with copious weapons (thanks to Padawan, Reaping the Crystal, Truce, and Stolen Cache) can produce an overwhelming and reliable stream of moderate-damage dice faces. Even if one or two gets mitigated there should be like 5 more. And some of that damage will get cheated out because of Maz and Kanan's abilities.

I chose Garel Spaceport - Garel because I suspect this deck will have more dice lying around than most decks do, making it easier to spare one for resources, and also because the resource generation feeds further into the game plan of playing out lots of dice cards.

Wish I could find room for a second Funeral Pyre but I like all 30 of these cards as they are as a start, so we'll see.

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