The Mercenary and The Captain

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Derived from
Cad Bane and Phasma 11 6 1 1.0
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Destraa 360

My version of the cad Phasma phenomenon based on personal preference as well as playtesting. Imperial HQ is incredibly potent in this deck with the number of pay sides across the dice, and allows for you a bit more resource efficiency for playing out the weapons. Rebel War Room also lets you one last hurrah a turn with the speed in which this deck moves, almost always allowing for Prepare For War usage as well.


Reelmancoop 10

Have you found coercion useful? I pilot this deck, but haven't used it.

Destraa 360

@Reelmancoop, coercion is great for stalling an opponent's tempo. They either continually pass until a possibly opportune time, or play the card to get out of the pass-loop and lose a turn. It's also useful as a pseudo Friends in Low Places, giving you vital information on what the opponent has in hand.