Bazine's Loyal and Tactician Manipulator

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Destry210 726

This deck has been build to counter Thrawnkar and PoeMaz deck. Friends in Low Places, "Fair" Trade, Sabotage are there to counter Buy Out and Planetary Uprising. With FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper and Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician doing good damages and Bazine Netal - Master Manipulator adding 8 hit points to the trio, this deck has good longevity. Three characters are good to discourage Crime Lord three times. Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician able to do big damages should be the first target. Put the shields on her if you don't get your battlefield. Then play your upgrades on FN and try to have 2 redeploy weapons on him before he dies. Lot of ambush in this deck to surprise the opponent. Have fun and give me your comments if you have tried it and if you had change things in it to make it more effective.

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