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Tybrid 881

Defensive Mastermind - A Mill Deck

Welcome to another Tybrid brand deck build and guide. The history of this one is pretty simple. I was listening to Smerle talk about his own General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind build and I started trying to puzzle out how I would build something like that.

The Characters

General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind - Can't build a Rieekan mill deck without Rieekan. Just can't be done.

Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo - Solid mill character. Useful , has that nice 2 , provides a much needed face also. Also puts us into Yellow.

Jedi Instructor - More and more I'm wanting my characters to have some sort of dice fixing that comes as a part of rolling them. Instructor puts us in Blue, and has pretty good synergy with our other characters.

But Tybrid, there's only 3 dice!?!

Yes there are only three dice here. It's ok. We're going to win with our max possible dice on the field being a total of 5. This build is about gaining shields and mitigating dice, neither of those things need a bunch of dice to be accomplished.

The Battlefield

War-Torn Streets - Jedha was the field I ultimately went with for this deck. It serves multiple purposes for our build. Firstly because we roll low dice we're not likely to win the opening roll. I wanted something that would encourage my opponent to take their own field so I could split shields onto Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo and Jedi Instructor and enable General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind's ability right from the very start.

Secondly it's there to help us close out the game. One of the early weaknesses Smerle discovered was that while it milled the deck really quickly, it had a hard time getting those last 5 from the hand. This field, when coupled with New Orders can sometimes catch the opponent unprepared and give us the last few cards from their hand that we need.

The Upgrades

Chance Cube - Any deck with a healthy amount of focus can make use of the Cube. It's an exceptionally good resource engine, and it can double as a fat 3 side for you to pull off C-3PO shenanigans.

Hunker Down - Good for making shields as we're a very defensively oriented deck, also has the added bonus of helping us avoid the Running Interference hard lock.

Protective Mentor - This card is just insane in a deck that generates as many shields as we do. When you play the first one, it's like giving the other 2 characters a max capacity of 6 shields instead of 3. If you play them both? Now 2 characters have 6 shields to draw from, and one character has 9.

The Support

Air Superiority - Shields on a stick. Great for topping up after your opponent has taken all their actions. Also useful if you're needing to get one out to keep General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind's ability active.

C-3PO - Easily the best card in Hero Red. His ability does so much in this or any deck. Often the only dice your opponent really needs to control, be careful with him.

Honor Guard - Simple but efficient removal for pesky damage sides. We wouldn't want any of our shields to get taken after all.

The Events

All Quiet On The Front - The game finisher. Cuts 6-9 cards out of the opponents deck. We have 30 health, so if losing our shields will finish off their deck, we should be ok.

Caution - Keep the shields coming, usually one of the character dice is worth the swing in shields considering what all we use them for.

Electroshock - Solid removal, and while Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo is often the first target of our opponents, we are a LOT to chew through defensively, so it's rarely turned off.

Entrenched - in a match where they are trying to kill us, this is a 10 damage swing in our favor. In a Mill on Mill match, this is 5 more cards gone from their deck with All Quiet On The Front.

Flank - We have a lot of slow little actions that let us delay rolling out. That in turn makes Flank better. Win/Win.

Hyperspace Jump - Panic button. For those times when you just lost your shields and they roll out extra hot. Try to hold onto it until you need it. Also good for getting rid of our field if for some reason they chose it. It's more harm than help in the early game.

Loth-Cat and Mouse - Generally useful removal that only takes dice to use, since we don't need dice and generally win on our events, it's even better.

New Orders - There to help us close out the game with our field.

Spirit of Rebellion - MORE SHIELDS! Because enough is never enough.


jdmaze 1

As you said earlier, I can see removal from hand being a big issue here. I would drop hunker down for Scout and probably remove at least one Hyperspace jump for Outpost. You could put in Lone Operative in lieu of Scout for the healing + 2 discard side. I don't usually find the healing very effective on low health characters, but the 2 discard is powerful and can't be removed by Prized Possession or Detention Center. It's also less prone to bounce as it gets passed Imperial Inspection and Disarm.

jdmaze 1

You could consider Cunning also as it has a 1 discard side and will allow you to still use Padme's abiltiy if her dice gets locked down.

talism 36

Can i suggest you use Determination, it will let you turn your dice sides into

justLUKE 2

Good Deck and thoughts. hanks for the input from the others. Perhaps we can build a very reliable deck together. So i like to ask all of you, what do you think of the following cards to make the Chars more durable and rise the Mill Hand. Follwing cards we might consider, some hace been brought up already.

Feint is an option, but i think it might be very situational and we already mill the deck pretty much. I would skip 1 New Orders and perhaps 1 Hyperspace Jump. Once we changed the battlefield, the other copies pretty much become dead cards, even though you can argue that Hyperspace Jumpmight save a char of dying. Air Superiority is good for stalling, but don't we have better options to put in shields on our chars for 1 resource e.g. - Coordination which is more reliable and lasting?

Happy for your Thoughts....

Tybrid 881

@talismCool idea, but C-3PO does that already for the most part.I could totally see cutting Electroshock for it though.I'll give that a try.

Tybrid 881

@justLUKE From your comments, it looks like you haven't played the deck. I don't mean that in a mean kind of way, but the suggestions look like they come from someone who hasn't seen how the individual parts work together as a whole.

I'll go through your suggestions one by one in order to share my thoughts.

Scout along with Maz's Goggles were two cards that I really strongly considered for the list, and may still add in when and if I decide to refine the list. That being said the list was designed with the idea of being able to win on it's events, and where losing a dice or character wouldn't hurt the plan overall. This works directly in contradiction to that.

Lone Operative - Expensive for what it does, and would only be included for the side for the most part. The heal wouldn't come into play much as we honestly don't take a lot of damage if we're playing correctly.

One With The Force Expensive and has only one viable target.

Diplomatic Immunity - Not a bad suggestion but the cost of the card just hurts a little too much I think. Any turn you try to play it, it will be the only card you play that turn. That's likely to cost you the game as it is very important to mitigate dice just about every turn.

Survival Gear, Thermal Detonator, Coordination, Ascension Gun. Cunning - all cards I basically ruled out because I could find event/support cards that filled the same purpose without relying on dice and the fickleness thereof.

Defensive Stance, Take Cover, Mandalorian Armor - All great cards that were considered, but ruled out because other cards did more for less or similar costs.

Feint was a card I very much wanted to work in, but haven't found space for.

One last thing - The Hand mill problem was something that existed BEFORE the deck was revised to address it. It's not a problem with the current version. Between C-3PO and New Orders with the field, I haven't had an issue closing the game out since.

Tybrid 881

Having looked over the top 16 deck from AUS nationals, I've decided to update the main build. I'll post a link to the new version once I finish editing the write up.

SwagonBallZ 580

Cool deck man, been wanting to build a strong 3-man Rieekan deck and i like this as a starting point.

How many cards do you usually end the game with when you win? how about against another mill? I'm asking because this deck is very event-driven, you have to spend a lot of cards to execute your plans and I'd be concerned that I'm milling myself almost as fast as my opponent. Maybe it's enough just to pull off a single All Quiet and maintain that lead even though we're both burning through our decks? I think I'd rather have a deck that can rely on dice to perform the actual milling with the occasional explosive event like All Quiet or Patience but I wouldn't mind hearing your opinion on why you went event heavy instead

Tybrid 881

@SwagonBallZin a normal match, 12 to 15. In a mill on mill match, 5-6, tho there has been a game or two that I won on just bouncing the chance cube back to my hand at the end of the round.

I think in Destiny, Events are harder for my opponent to deal with than dice, which is why most of my decks are event heavy and dice light.

hansalad 1

@Tybrid I played a game with the deck last night. It was just a test game against a juiced version of the 2p kylo/phasma (both elite, playing 2x the best cards). I won without much trouble in terms of damage (Padme died, Jedi was at full, Rieekan ha like 5 damage), but once we returned to War-Torn Streets, I was actually quite vulnerable to getting my good Events discarded (one of my All Quiets was discarded on claim).

I only had 2 in hand and 2 in deck by end game. But that was probably mostly due to C3PO not showing up until very late, slowing my plan down a good bit. Is there a practical approach to being less vulnerable to the battlefield?

And I'm in the camp that says you could drop a New Orders for a Feint or something.

hansalad 1

Moreover, I found myself durdling quite a bit with Air Superiority/Hunker Down, focusing Chance Cubes, etc. Such that I never claimed the battlefield at all, hence my above issue. Maybe I could tighten things up and only get the bare minimum shields and try to rush a claim.

Rebel Grey 136

I play a very similar deck to this and I use the Hyperspace Jumps as soon as I've completed my goal for the round (mill 2-4 or discarded with C-3PO). I've ended games with it before they can do things like resolve dice or Ancient Lightsaber/Luke's Protection things back into their empty deck. The HJ is very flex in how you can use it, just have to be wise. Furthermore, I don't think New Orders is needed. Getting cards from hand is just a matter of flipping or rolling chance cube to a 2-3 and converting with C-3PO. Honestly I like doing this as early and soon as I can because late game it becomes a bit harder.

Also you can win without ever using All Quiet On The Front. Got both mine discarded as total flukes in a game (resolving Rey's discard side against me instead of rerolling) and I still one. You just have to emphasize die removal and shields in those games to force more rerolls as you basically force them to die-fix a lot. Good players will likely just claim, giving you time to setup before passing to the next round.

This is a very good deck in general and has a lot of legs. The 30 HP is probably it's biggest upside. It's hard for aggro to chew through on top of generating 8-12 shields per game and being a general pain in the ass lol TBH the best counter-play to the deck is taking this battlefield and not letting it have shields. Forces you to setup Rieekan manually and gives you easy damage early.

Tybrid 881

@hansaladI generally wait until the endgame to swap to my field at all, once their deck is completely empty. Then I New orders for one of the cards in their hand, and typically claim early for another, especially if I'm loaded with shields. They can often punch a little damage through, but by that point losing another character doesn't matter.

Tybrid 881

New build is live folks! We learned some lessons from the Aus nationals and continued with the development of the deck. Check it out!