Kylo FN no Boundless - Michigan GT Champion 7-0 (31 players)

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wynalazca 252

So far I've had a hard time each set finding a deck at the beginning of the new meta (I played Jyn Ackbar for the first month of SoR, lol). I was playing Vader-New Phasma for a few weeks and loving it but after EaW dropped I've been trying a bunch of stuff and not settling on anything I thought was actually good. Had a local tournament Monday so I went to hyperloops gauntlet page and scrolled through then just copied the Kylo FN deck at the top.

Lost my first game with the deck vs my friend on Poe-Maz, played a quick rematch and I killed Poe round one and was getting a feel for the deck. I then beat 2 Thrawn-Unkar mill decks and a New Poe-New Rey deck that night. I felt pretty comfortable with the deck but definitely wanted to make some changes.

First card I cut immediately was Boundless Ambition. I played it once on the night and when I did it was really bad. With only 12 upgrades it just didn't seem good in here. You don't really need to draw into a bunch of extra rerolls with this deck like you do with Boundless in a Vader deck since both your character dice have 3 damage sides and all your upgrades have at least 3 damage sides. I pulled open my deck building app and did a search for cards that let me see my opponents hand and when Probe popped up it went in immediately. It gives you information which makes your Kylo calls easier but also doubles as tech vs Boundless, Buy Out, Hyperspace Jump, Retreat, and a lot of other high impact events. I was sold. Then I saw Close Quarters Assault as an option for some extra discard tech and since the deck has a lot of melee sides it has potential for a round blowout vs other slower decks. Looked through the list and decided Rend is a huge meta card so I could drop one of them. Really the only zero drop this deck is scared of is Imperial Inspection. It really depends how the meta shakes out whether you want zero or two Rends, imo. Last change is I dropped Prepare for War for a second Enrage. 100% usability in all games vs potentially a dead card if you get paired up vs a super fast Cad, Sabine, Rey, or Poe Maz deck. In most matchups I do find myself claiming but not vs those decks. Easy change.

So that's the deck. Nothing super exciting happened in the event besides me having to face arguably the 5 toughest players in swiss, 3 of which made the top 4 along with me. Round 1 I had to play my friend on Poe Maz who was up to that point my only defeat with this deck. He had some bad rolls the first two rounds and I got there but it was pretty close until a huge tipping point in Round 4 when his Poe went down before he was able to use Emperor's Throne Room at all from Hyperspace Jumping to it. Round 2 I played the guy who bubbled the Gencon cut (17th) on Rainbow 9s. We both attacked each other's FN. He pinged his Nightsister 3 or 4 times throughout and played an enrage so I didn't have much extra to kill her and Bala-Tik went down fast after that. Probably my closest game of the day. Round 3 I played my other friend on his own Thrawnkar Vehicles build and he got a really bad draw and all my Kylo calls hit so I won pretty hard. We re-matched for funsies and he beat me. Round 4 vs a Han-Rey. I was super scared of Infamous into Never Tell Me The Odds so I went for Han first and an early Vibroknife completely blanked his shields. Han went down early round 3 and it was pretty easy to clean up Rey after that. Round 5 was a mirror. His build was quite different and he was running Rebel War Room - Yavin IV. I won the roll-off and chose his battlefield which actually did some work for me as my build was able to play slightly faster than his. In a middle round I was able to CQA him for 3 after seeing a boundless in his hand with As I Have Foreseen and then both of our Kylo's were almost defeated and I got a lucky re-roll at the end of a round to be able to knock his Kylo off before the round ended with mine being alive for the start of the following round.

Top 4 was me and my 2nd, 4th, and 5th round opponents. I played vs the Han Rey in semis. Not seeing the Never Tell Me the Odds in our first game I decided to just go for Rey first. She went down really fast. He killed my FN which I was able to get a Lightsaber on at the last second so it would redeploy then I played a Vibro on my full health Kylo. His Han had 1 damage and no shields, I rolled in showing 7 damage across my dice and hit on my Kylo call to put Han at 3 damage, which he told me was a 1 in 3 with him having a grey, blue, and yellow card so I guess that's somewhat lucky. He discarded to re-roll then I played CQA and got rid of his last two cards so I was guaranteed he had zero mitigation left and my lethal damage was good. Finals I played the Kylo FN mirror again and he won the roll-off choosing his Rebel War Room again over taking the shields. This time I put both shields on Kylo instead of splitting them since in our swiss game we both went for Kylo first and this baited him into going for FN first which really gave me an edge. I rolled pretty well throughout and got his Kylo down pretty quickly. My FN went down but not before dropping the Force Illusion on him at the last second making my opponent waste a 3 damage Z6 Riot Control Baton die on him. I was just too far ahead for his FN to be a match with my Kylo.

Looking back on the event I think I'd drop the Rend for a second Force Illusion because it's really important in the Cad, Sabine, and Poe-Maz match-ups and vs other decks that run the massive hitters like LR1K and AT-ST, which are now surprisingly viable because Thrawn makes a billion dollars. The meta at the event seemed to be pretty light on Thrawnkar mill/vehicles which is probably the only decks you want/need to have Rend against right now with this deck.


Yakmotek7 1

I was the finals mirror. Congrats on the win again, very well played. From our Swiss rounds your deck was definitely faster. I punted going after FN first because I figured you would win in a sprint. I was hoping to use my larger set of weapons to boundless/FN overwrite end of turn and burst down yours before you could get out redeploy weapons. Not sure it was with the risk but we gave it a shot. I really dig the Probe, that knowledge for the extra damage was clutch.

lefthighkick 13

Great event last night & well deserved win. I've played against you before in SC's after the cut and you're always a tough out.

Great job tweaking your list. Can you talk about your mulligan philosophy with this list and when it's correct to drop Imperial HQ into play?

corvettejoe 45

This combo is doing well. I have a great streak going with my version, as does one of the other guys that's published his version on here.

I would highly recommend adding Electrostaffs (maybe remove lightsaber). It's very valuable for FN/Kylo's cost sides, plus ridiculous modified damage with your other cards.

Mine is a "budget" deck though, so no ancient/rocket/riotbaton for me... but it's getting consistent wins still.

wynalazca 252

@Yakmotek7 good games! Congrats on 2nd. I'm glad the TO gave you the trooper. I would've been real salty if I lost the finals and he kept it.

@lefthighkick I highly prioritized enrage and logistics. I'd always mulligan Imperial HQ unless I had a logistics. I'd also try to get/keep 1 removal card depending on the matchup. A heavy hitter you want isolation, against smaller characters that don't punch hard doubt is fine. Vs Thrawnkar you want to get money and a 3 cost upgrade on FN asap so I hard mull everything for those. Keep a 3 cost or a money card and mull everything else for the missing piece. An ideal hand consists of 1 money card, 1 upgrade, and 1 removal. More money or Upgrades are fine for the last 2 cards.

For Imperial HQ, just put it down if you have a resource cost die showing. It pays for itself immediately then it's an extra resource per round. That card is probably the secret MVP of the deck. I don't know if it's correct to spend a resource on it if you're not going to use it immediately as it has more value as a reroll than being on the board in that situation. I don't think I'd ever discard it at the end of a round either. I also have yet to play the second copy. You either draw it too late or don't have the resources for it.

@corvettejoe I did consider electrostaff but didn't know what to drop for it. After getting 15ish games in now I think the card to drop might be Ancient Saber. I hardly ever use the heal ability with it and it's the second weakest die for damage output behind Vibroknife, but ignoring shields and negating Force Illusion or Armor Plating is really strong. I would not drop Lightsabers for it. The redeploy is extremely valuable. My 10 second evaluation of electrostaff is if Kylo is down then you don't get any benefit on the free roll in from FN since all it's damage is modified, which seems bad. Definitely worth trying out though.

hoopjones 2

Ancient LS may be a critical meta call vs. Sabine lockout though

drbearsec 1

I play a very similiar build to your deck. Definitely want to keep Ancient. It's got resolvable die sides for FN vs Electrostaff. But more importantly the specialty ability has several uses.... Not only has the healing factor won me games but it's a great way to stay alive in a close mill match up. Trigger the action to put it back in the deck and redraw. Survived several mill games this way to get that extra rollout.

I've gone back and forth on crossguard and electro. Had decent results with both. Right now, electro gets added if I feel I need more than 12 weapons.

biggy165 13

congrats again on the win...i was the rainbow player...probe was mvp for sure

corvettejoe 45

@wynalazca Keep in mind that the FN nerf is most likely coming, so those free override-rolls won't last forever. I still get an electrostaff on FN first if I can, because everyone goes for Kylo now with his color calling ability and leaves FN alone. I don't like supports in this deck, but I did put an Imperial HQ in mine before I played yesterday and it did save me once. My thoughts were... if I can't get Electrostaff out on round 1, I have a chance to have an Imperial HQ in hand at least. I play a weapon for 2, then just hope something rolls a resource and play Imperial HQ immediately, then I have a little time at least to wait for Electrostaff. If I get at least one electrostaff out, I will dump Imperial HQ immediately.

My order that seems to be game wrecking so far is.... Electrostaff on FN, Electrostaff on Kylo, Vibroknife on FN,. Game over. Other upgrades I couldnt care less about, but of course do add up to even more massive burst damage, so if I have them, I will play them. Crossguard Lightsaber is a free damage if put on Kylo, so I'll put them on him even if it means I don't get a free FN roll. My weapons loadout is so cheap (everything costs 2) that I can fully load both characters pretty quickly. If round one is going slow for my opponent, I will forego damaging him for any resources, then claim my battlefield early (moisture farm). This usually gives me enough to get a couple more 2drop weapons out on round 2. If I can pair it with an ambush or a tactical mastry, etc I can be pretty much on my way to victory on round 2 by having 2-3 weapons out pretty quickly. Kylo and FN do so much damage on their own too. If I can get my opponent to claim the battlefield early, I then take my time discarding every single thing in my hand, even good mitigation, to reroll for maximum damage. My "typical" games are, build up on round 1-2, just soak damage, mitigate what I can, Round 3-4-5 discard everything I have, even ignoring mitigation and get max damage these few rounds. Usually I can kill a two character opponent off in 2-3 rounds, 3 chars maybe one extra round. Kylo usually dies first, but that's ok because the opponent usually ignores all the stuff building in FN.... also (and I know this won't last forever), people are very unaware of Electrostaff's ability... so when the waste turns taking your resources, you are just discard/rerolling for max damage, even with cost sides. They see you have no money, so they don't mitigate the cost sides. Then when you resolve a whopping 8-14 damage each round, insta-killing their characters, it's pretty epic. Almost every game so far they comment that I don't have a resource, so I point out electrostaff... it's devistating.... and I need zero resources the entire game to play this setup. If I claim the battlefield and get an extra 1-2 here and there (from Moisture Farm), I will spend it on maybe a quick force illusion at the last minute to mitigate, or Dug In for a quick 3-for-1 shield pre-mitigation on my guy that's taking on damage the most, or combo it with Tactical Mastery to get 2 weapons out immediately on my first move (if I was able to save some from the previous round 1-2ish). Anyway... my setup is a bit different that the several combos on here, but it seems to be quite nasty still. I'm still trying to optimize the heck out of mine. If you ignore the fact that you don't need as much money to still annihilate your opponent, (swaps some of the high cost weapons out) then you can get rid of several money cards and swap for mitigation instead. It's surprising how many other kylo/FN combos I've killed faster than they could kill me because I didn't have RiotBaton or RocketLauncher... Just a different theory to think about :)

oh and I forgot to mention originally.. congrats on the 7-0 win! that's an awesome streak! My best with my combo is 4-0, one store doesn't do a top cut, and the other store we got to top 4 and split the booster box, not playing any further games for first.

TheHyperloops 2358

@wynalazca Glad the Gauntlet page was helpful! Congrats!

HaphazardNinja 2

Should have more Datasuckers.