Blue Hammer

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Mr_Chip 57

"Blue Hammer" is an Elite Mace Windu / Padawan deck with some simple mitigation, basic blue weapon loadout, and, a twist to make it interesting. In this iteration of Blue Hammer is the The Force is Strong / Master of the Council combo. If you can pull this off early it usually means quick victory for you. Riposte is the bit of hidden tech in this build as with the massive generation possible with Blue Hammer you could easy ping off your opponents characters with some unsuspecting damage. Comments are welcome.


Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2199

@Mr_Chip I dig it man!

Mr_Chip 57

It’s Sir Christopher’s tech for that Master of the Council play - and he pulled it on me in our last match with Luke / Rey! With our combined forces we will help Mace Win Doggie Dog rule the galaxy someday!

justLUKE 2

Nice deck. Have you thought about a slight variation which might be super strong Rebel Trooper instead of Padawan to use Electrostaff as the ultimate killer kombo with mace dices? The Guardian is just there to protect mace till he can kill an opponent per round.

Merl1nus 125

Maybe try lightsaber pull so that easier to get that second copy of a weapon into your hand?

Spankatank 1

I would say ditch some of the weapons for more mitigation, but all the weapons may have been what you were going for with the "hammer"

5P33D 80

Defiance and Endurance I think are really good cards with Mace Windu. I've never used Mace Windu, but on paper they seem like they would be good. You could say that Defiance is to risky cause you have to get lucky and Endurance isn't worth it for the resource but I would just say give them a try.

StaticCat 39

Hey Mr. Chip, love the deck like others said a few changes which may or may not work - I have however made a deck that's similar and it had Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber but I took it out for a Lightsaber because I realized that the regular Lightsaber has redeploy and it's second side is only a +2 so I loose 1 damage for the same cost but redeploy personally I find that a little better, otherwise I love the deck. I'm currently trying out Kanan Jarrus - Rebel Jedi elite and Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight to see if I can do something with that.

mykelen 9

Have you considered Decisive Blow? I know it's a 3 cost, but with Mace that can hurt big time. I've been playing around with it lately and when you get it, man, does it start some groaning!