Rey Hunting Party (Aussie nationals Winning list)

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stranglebat 418

This list was the one piloted by @bouncewithout to the Australian Nationals Win.

It has pretty good win rates vs all the current meta decks with even its bad match ups feeling like its a 50% chance to win.

The removal can be tuned to meet an expected meta, seeing more thrawnkar would lead to a cut to sound the alarm and adding an extra illusion or overconfidence.

The general game plan is to take shields in all but the thrawnkar and poe/maz matches.

Then it plays as a mid range deck, fn provides early burst and pressures the opponent tp target him while you set kylo up for success. Kylo is a massive presence when he gets 2 upgrades and he pretty much has saber throw always on.

I can't give the tourney repoet etc, ill leave that for bounce this was meant to be a general overview and a deck list i have held off on publishing until after nats.


Bouncewithout 75

This deck seems reasonable ;)

weitoostrong 200

@Bouncewithout Hey blake, It would hav ebeen great if my riot baton didnt roll 5 blanks against you in round 3 :p

stranglebat 418

@weitoostrong The Riot Baton be a fickle Mistress!

Bouncewithout 75

@weitoostrong haters gonna hate!

4nathema 56

Except thrawnkar can you name a bad matchup for this deck?

stranglebat 418

Thrawnkar is an incredibly good match for this list. Focus Unkar, name yellow every turn they will struggle to crimelord one of your characters before you drop unkar and either of your characters can close out this game.

As to the question. Cad/Phasma can god roll you and they are hard to mitagate but its not that consistant. Just remember kylos disrupt to shut off a lot of damage for money sides.

Anakin/phasma is close to even as well. Plan for that is give them the throne room and take shields. it shuts off their new orders trick and shields are effective.

Sabine can shut you down if they get the RI lock. for that match prioritise getting an ancient saber down to break the lock.

The main goal in most matches is set kylo up for late game success while putting damage out to race. Its a solid deck and the win %s are about 50% for its bad matches and a lot higher for the rest.