Luck Be a Lady Tonight

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dwighte 16

The objective here is to stall out everything until you can get the mill going. Discard their hand often, use mitigation versus fast decks.


mykelen 9

I'm sure everyone is wondering, why no Thermal Detonator? Or even EMP Grenades? Great looking deck though, and great idea. Interested to try this!

dwighte 16

@mykelen Thermal Detonator because I don't own any (although I think it would be a good inclusion, but I'm not sure on the sureness of having resources to equip it). EMP Grenades is probably a good inclusion for the same idea, although again, I'm note sure on the resource generation. I was generally thinking to hold resources for all the removal in the events.

Rabenfles 45

How about a pair of Comlinks to have focus sides?