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superabsurd 330

I have had some staggeringly good luck testing this deck on TTS. My favorite kind of deck is one that is unpredictable, something that my opponent has likely never seen before. This is my masterpiece. So let's break it down.

Palpatine - Galactic Emperor doesn't need upgrade dice. They're basically toppings on our sundae. Unnecessary, but nice. With that in mind, the only real upgrades I've included are two Ancient Lightsaber and two Shoto Lightsaber. Ideally, we'll get both Shoto Lightsaber out onto Palpatine - Galactic Emperor and one Ancient Lightsaber at a time. Use it for a bit, heal in a pinch, drop the other, use it for a bit, heal in a pinch, Lightsaber Pull then right back to your hand, drop it, use it, heal, drop it, use it, heal.

That's already eight free health, as well as two free shields per activation thanks to the two Shoto Lightsabers we have equipped. This is also all before we use two Rejuvenate and potentially two Rise Agains. If you know you're about to Rise Again, chuck an Ancient Lightsaber from your hand to reroll and play it for free! Insidious can only make us so much money, but so far it's been the hidden jewel of this deck. Everyone rolls for shit sometimes, and boy does it feel good to watch your opponent roll out their dice and get even a single blank on their character dice and then have them watch you tap an Insidious for some free money.

It's reverse Salvage Stand. The only downside is that the card requires an action, so having two of them seemed pointless to me as your opponent is likely to reroll that die before you're able to tap two Insidious to gain two resources, so I threw in one Force Lightning that we can chuck to reroll and then play on ourselves for when we inevitably Rise Again a minimum of once each game in lieu of a second Insidious. But only play Force Lightning if you've used our Ancient Lightsabers to their fullest extent already.

This was pretty haphazardly thrown together, with little to no actual thought put into the specifics of the deck. I knew i wanted a defensive, removal heavy deck. The idea is to deny them their dice using the combination of Dark Presence and Interrogation Droid, keep our shields up using our Shoto Lightsabers and Indomitable, heal fivever (which is one more than forever, so you know I mean business) using our Ancient Lightsabers coupled with Lightsaber Pull, Rejuvenate and Rise Again and do a weird amount of unexpected melee damage with all our Lightsabers, as well as Lightsaber Throw.

This deck is stupid. But it's also stupid fun and weirdly effective. Give it a go, throw me some notes, drive fast and take chances. I love you.


somesamurai 1

Have you consider putting at least one copy of "Endurance," in the deck? I played against a Palp who played that card twice against me. He managed to roll damge each time. I was out of mitigation so it was pretty clutch for him.

mykelen 9

Other than the possibility of getting Insidious into play, what are your main tactics for resource generation? I know it's not a super pricey deck, but what if you get even one of those Rise Again and only have 1 credit? Something to keep in mind, because there are a lot of times when you're hurting big time, and you can do much to help yourself. Really interesting looking deck all things aside. The thing about playing against Palp is to remove the dice, but if you get there first, your opponent might not have a chance!

Dave Sharona 611

Yeah the only thing I think you just have to add is Endurance, it's just BUILT for palp. Nobody is going to remove a Shoto die when a palp die is out, and to pay one to roll it back in is glorious

superabsurd 330

@somesamurai @Dave SharonaYou are both correct that I need to be running Endurance in here. I don't know how I overlooked that so badly. Definitely making room for that.

@mykelen I don't reroll my dice unless Palp's come up blank. I resolve whatever I can, whenever. So far I haven't had any issues with money. That said, I did consider putting a single Chance Cube into the deck in place of Force Lightning (a phrase no one has ever said before) to help with resource regen. As a mill player mainly, Chance Cube is my favorite card from Empire At War.